Baldur’s Gate 3 Version #1 is now live, includes over 1,000 improvements

Larian Studios’ first major update for Baldur’s Gate 3, Patch #1, is now live and includes over 1,000 improvements to the game.

Advertise on steam (With full notes of her own website Because it exceeded the character limit), Patch #1 addresses “more than 1,000 bugs, balance issues, flow issues, and more,” Larian said.

While the full patch notes are incredibly long, the developer has highlighted some bigger fixes for things like detecting player NPCs that shouldn’t be able to, floating items like mugs and newspapers, and the conclusion to Shadowheart’s romance that doesn’t excite some. players. We’ve included this shortlist below, omitting spoilers.

In addition to similar bug fixes and improvements, Larian said it has also added “more post-launch improvements” to Baldur’s Gate 3 such as improved kissing animations in sprints. Patch #2 is also “just around the corner” and “will contain significant performance improvements”.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has already been released to an incredibly positive reception. The Dungeons & Dragons-based RPG also proved incredibly popular, almost instantly becoming one of the most popular games on Steam and forcing Larian to do a hotfix to handle the demand.

She’s also gained attention for being, in the words of the developers, “big-budget interesting”, with gamers shocked at how naked she was.

In our 10/10 rating, IGN said, “With crunchy tactical RPG combat, an unforgettable story with complex characters, highly polished cinematic presentation, and a world that always rewards exploration and creativity, Baldur’s Gate 3 is the new high water mark for CRPGs.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 patch #1 highlights


  • Fixed a bug where listening in on a conversation as Player 1 and then prematurely exiting the dialogue could result in not being able to interact with anything anymore.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the reaction UI to not work properly and potentially prevent progress in combat if you save the game in the middle of reacting.
  • Sometimes fixed loot in corpses does not appear in multiplayer until an item is dragged into the corpse.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to get a Game Over screen after helping downed party members.
  • Fixed Helm of Arcane Acuity crashing the game. The condition is now set to 7 piles.
  • Attacking an NPC during dialogue after you’ve fallen will get you arrested instead of giving you a game over screen.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could get stuck in an infinite falling loop.
  • Fixed an issue where Marcus would revive Marcus by having players hit him with a double attack – the second hit would no longer revive him.

Story flow and logic

  • Wyll should now be able to tell you what to do next if he gets killed and has an exclamation mark over his head.
  • Shadowheart should follow through on her suggested romantic moments more easily in Act Three.
  • Fixed conditions are updated before the savegame finishes loading. This resulted, for example, in getting 0 health if the autosave that was generated upon entering Lower City was loaded, preventing you from progressing through the relevant quests.
  • Jaheira and Minsc’s paths become restricted after she rescues Minsc, so if she abandons him, Jaheira must now follow him.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to unintentionally separate from Astarion.
  • The passenger will now recognize that you are with him upon reaching Moonrise Towers if you start following him halfway through.
  • Art Collage and Fist Gellar no longer feel so afraid of bears and spiders that their quest fails.
  • The Zentarim will use mines more consistently after their allies have returned to safety, and will no longer attempt to blow themselves up by checking for active mines.
  • Minthara no longer refers to unrelated topics or judges her mates more than once.
  • Fixed dialogue flow when dating Minthara.
  • You can no longer recruit both Halsin and Minthara for camping in the same game phase.
  • Making it less mysterious is that you start a romance with Gale when choosing certain dialogue choices.
  • During the scene of teaching the spell to Gale, you now have the option to visualize the future with Gale falling somewhere between kissing him and kicking him in the head.
  • Fixed an issue where using non-lethal attacks on Aunt Ethel would kill her.
  • You can now choose to respect the privacy of the teddy bear and the ogre outside the affected village again. Don’t stand in the way of true love.
  • Fixed a level build issue that was allowing you to use a spell such as the Misty Step or Dimension Door to skip part of the main quest sequence in Chapter II.
  • Fixed an issue where the main title of Baldur’s Mouth about a cute cat could be accidentally overwritten.
  • If Wyll hasn’t been recruited, he will now recognize Avatar Karlach and initiate dialogue.
  • Throwing a single coin at beggars won’t hurt them anymore.
  • If Dolly Dolly Dolly cursed you with the condition of A Clown in Town to make her angry while inside Moonlantern, she will now paint your face. This will teach you.
  • The Zhentarim in the Goblin camp should now be more forgiving if you approach them.


  • More generous gold rewards have been earned in several containers across the game.
  • Increased additional HP for players in Explorer mode from +50% to +100%.
  • Fixed the Freecast tadpole’s power to reset properly in the extended resting position. It was creating countless spell slots and magic points for witches.
  • Mage Hand Legerdemain’s Legerdemain now does not expire until destroyed, and does not lose the ability to invisibility on extended rest.
  • It is no longer possible to have multiple Mage Hands active at the same time.
  • Shield reaction can no longer be used while silent.
  • Fixed an inability to create level 5 spell slots from Spell Points.
  • College of Lore poets can now choose which additional skills they receive. Poets who are already in the College of Lore need to be respected to get this selection.
  • Make sure to apply the proper spell for the DC while multiclassing.
  • Spells added to the Bard’s Magical Secrets feature: Banishing Blow, Moving the Dead, Crusader’s Cloak, Urban Hunger, Resurrecting Life, Blizzard, Wrath of Weakness, Web, Tangled, Hunter’s Mark, Safe Haven, Thunderblow, Bone Cold, Eldritch Morphic Blast, Fire Bolt, Frost Beam, Holy Flame.
  • Hill Giant Strength club now increases strength to 19, not to weak 15.
  • Fixed a bug where ranged enemies would constantly reapply the Hunter’s Mark, even when not needed.
  • Warlocks Pact of the Chain summons can now use their bonus attack more than once.
  • Sometimes static NPCs will detect you even if they aren’t supposed to be able to.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple rolls would appear if you walked along the edge of the vision cone.
  • Ghoul Danse Macabre will no longer kill you when you rest for too long.
  • If you make a successful saving throw against a poison, you will now gain immunity to that specific poison for 2 turns.
  • Meenlocks is now immune to the Shadow Curse.
  • She helped Minthara remember how to use her weapons.
  • Trespassing warnings are enabled for any additional characters trespassing after the first instead of immediately sparking a fight.
  • Fixed NPCs attacking out of turn when they initiate combat during forced turn-based mode.

Ease of use

  • Fixed dialog notifications, such as approval ratings and listing results, disappearing early.
  • Launcher will now remember if you selected DX11 or Vulkan.
  • Fixed the incorrect amount of gold displaying in all UI menus if the amount is too large.
  • Fixed spells such as Hex that randomly change their order, causing them to click incorrectly if you were moving and clicking intuitively.
  • Fixed the ability for players who are only listening to dialogue to skip lines – only the speaker can now do this.
  • Fixed an issue with the Camp Supply values ​​of the second local player in multiplayer if they join during a match. Unfortunately, long breaks won’t cost anything.
  • You can no longer interact with another player’s inventory (for example, send multi-select items or use their items) if their inventory is locked.
  • Fixed critical score text not appearing sometimes.
  • Improved minimap performance when new map markers appear or old markers disappear.
  • Shield dyed in the appropriate color will now appear on the Level Up screen.
  • Halsin’s Wild Shape tooltip will now correctly name the Cave Bear.


  • Fixed the Humble filter not working on Dragonborn.
  • Fixed earrings on models of strong, feminine figures.
  • Added a console style option, which allows you to override the console icons that are displayed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the clown makeup to not only appear on Lae’zel’s face when applied, but also remove her signature tattoos and makeup.
  • The Duplicity summon now acts as an exact copy of your character. And they are not naked.
  • Fixed Leather Helmet, Metal Helmet and Floating Bat Helmet on some character models.
  • Lae’zel’s underwear will now more accurately reflect the color of the dyes used in it.

Movie scenes

  • Fixes have been made to kissing scenes with Origin characters across the game, for example to ensure that physical contact is made correctly, to account for shorter races, and to account for uneven terrain.
  • Fixed items such as mugs and newspapers floating in the air during dialogues – the characters holding them were properly hidden but the items themselves were not. The ghosts are gone!
  • Fixed Scratch’s position so you can try to get that ball out of his mouth. Whether he will let you have it is another matter.
  • Lae’zel no longer floats up and down during the dialogue in which you discuss dating.
  • Fixed some cameras that were unable to contain the power Astarion had in dialogue with him at night in camp. Facial expressions have also been modified and added when needed.
  • Fixed the camera position when Karlach hugs you for the first time after getting the promotion.
  • Fixed an issue where the mind would not appear in the cinematic dialogue with Dror Ragzlin if you triggered the dialogue manually.

plunder and trade

  • Merchants who stock dyes now also stock dye remover.
  • Make Lady Esther available to trade with after completing her tasks.
  • Fish sellers now have more fish to sell. This new bait must do the trick!
  • The Kobold Popper at the Circus is now selling more oddities.
  • Ms. Janath will now have art items for you to trade with.
  • The skeletons around the Selûnite outpost no longer have fresh food in their inventory.
  • Lohse’s photo is accessible now, boss.


  • The credits have been updated and reformatted into two neat columns.
  • The Digital Deluxe DLC’s D:OS2 Bard Songs are now awarded to companions as well, instead of just player avatars.
  • All additional poet songs from the Deluxe Edition will now be available even if you are using Lohse’s Lute of the Merryweather Bard from the Deluxe Edition.
  • DLC rewards will no longer be removed if you download a save file with no DLC installed. Any rewards removed due to this will be restored.
  • Steel Watcher’s idle pings no longer occupy streaming bandwidth.
  • You can no longer climb Shambling Mound.
  • Glut’s walking limits have been improved so you can better navigate the world and battlefield.

Ryan Dinsdale is a freelance reporter for IGN. He’ll be talking about The Witcher all day.

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