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There is widespread anger among FC Barcelona players after the board proposed holding a friendly match in the US city of Dallas, which would lead to a reduction in players’ holidays.

Barcelona is expected to play its last game of 2023 against Almeria on December 20, and then the players will enjoy a 10-day New Year’s holiday, then the first game of La Liga will be against Las Palmas two weeks later. January 3, 2024. .

Spanish “Sports” said that “Barcelona” management invited players to Dallas to play a friendly match with American clubs.

This will lead to a reduction in the players’ vacation time, especially the 14-hour round trip time, and the extended return time. In addition, injuries may also occur within the team.

“Sports” revealed that the reason why Barcelona management accepted the game was purely for economic reasons, because Barcelona, ​​which is in financial difficulties, will receive 4 million euros in exchange for the players giving up two days of vacation.

Barcelona players complained about this and informed the technical staff and management that they did not want to go, which they considered a big risk because of fatigue if they went.

In order to appease the angry players, Barcelona management offered a reward of 100,000 euros to each player who agreed to participate in the friendly match.

The holidays don’t seem like enough time to recharge for the decisive phase of the season, especially since it could put the Spanish Super Cup title in jeopardy.

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