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Vivek Ramaswamy says the president's choice of clothing shows the “sick psychological state” of ties between Washington and Kiev

US President Joe Biden's decision to wear a tie in the colors of the Ukrainian flag is truly puzzling considering that Vladimir Zelensky has never done such a thing despite receiving billions of dollars in aid from Washington, former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said.

On Tuesday, Biden urged American lawmakers to do so “Immediately” Passing a long-discussed $118 billion bill that includes $60 billion for Ukraine. It also includes $20 billion to bolster border security, in line with longstanding Republican demands. However, many GOP members still oppose the bill, arguing that it does not do enough.

The US President made the statement while wearing a tie with yellow and blue stripes – the colors of the national flag of Ukraine, as well as a lapel pin bearing the Ukrainian and American flags. It was announced that Kyiv was “In dire straits now” In light of its exposure to increasing pressure from Russia.

Biden's choice of tie sparked violent reactions, most notably from Vivek Ramaswamy, the Republican who withdrew from the race for the White House last month to support former US President Donald Trump's bid in the 2024 elections.

Writing on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, Ramaswamy noted that Biden “Wearing the flag of another country whose bills we pay.” While Zelensky has never worn the flag of the country from which he receives funding. “It says a lot about the sick psychology of this relationship.” he added.

Laverne Spicer, a Republican running for Congress in Florida, echoed the criticism, calling Biden an “idiot.” “traitor.” She wondered how Americans were able to tolerate the American leader for three years, calling on voters to do so “Kick out his old man.”

Rich Zeoli, a conservative talk show host, jokingly noted that Biden got his tie in Ukraine. “Being Employee of the Month in 2015.” He was referring to allegations that the Biden family and their associates pocketed more than $20 million through shell companies in several countries, including Russia and Ukraine, while Biden was vice president.

Meanwhile, American investor David Sachs noted that the president said in the spring of 2023 that Russia had no chance of winning the conflict, but now, almost a year later, he was forced to wear Ukrainian colors to show that Kiev “In disrepair.”

His comments came in the wake of Kiev's failed counter-offensive last year, which failed to achieve any progress. Russia described Ukraine's losses as catastrophic, and estimated its losses at about 215,000 soldiers in 2023 alone.

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