Blinken arrives in Israel to discuss Gaza ceasefire extension

U.S. Secretary of State arrives Antony Blinken Dawn today presses Israel for extension truce The fight between the Palestinian resistance and Israel will end today at seven o’clock, Thursday.

Israeli media reported that Blinken will meet with Israeli leaders, marking his third visit to the region since October 7.

Reuters quoted Palestinian officials as saying that Blinken was also expected to visit the occupied West Bank and potentially meet with the Palestinian president. Mahmoud Abbas.

The visit came just hours before the end of a temporary truce lasting six days in which Palestinian resistance movements exchanged views under the leadership of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) as well as a number of Israeli detainees and Palestinian prisoners in Gaza, including women and minors.

US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday he was determined to ensure the release of all detainees in Gaza following the release of American Liat Benin.

“We remain determined to ensure the release of all those detained by Hamas during its brutal terror attack on Israel on October 7, including Liat’s husband Aviv,” Biden said in a statement from the White House. “

Meanwhile, Qatar’s capital Doha is witnessing a diplomatic campaign to extend the temporary truce that began on Friday morning by four days and then by a further two days.

Israel Channel 12 reported that Israel will hold a security meeting tonight to discuss the possibility of extending the temporary truce for two days.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation stated that Hamas proposed a new prisoner exchange agreement to Israel, which included four stages, ranging from the release of elderly detainees in Gaza to soldiers, in exchange for extending the ceasefire agreement and releasing “convicted prisoners.” There are killings of Israelis.”

The committee explained that the new agreement includes the release of elderly Israeli detainees in the Gaza Strip, as well as the release of male soldiers in a second phase, then female soldiers, and a final phase of the release of soldiers captured by the resistance.

The agreement includes “the release of 10 Israeli detainees in Gaza on each new truce day and the release of Palestinian prisoners convicted of actions that resulted in the death of Israelis.”

Citing Israeli officials, authorities said Tel Aviv responded that “Hamas must first release the 21 women and four children still in its custody before a new agreement can be discussed.” Hamas denied releasing more women. The sixth batch last night.

Late Wednesday night, the committee said, “Hamas demands a complete halt to the war so that negotiations can begin for the release of the kidnapped soldiers.”

Launched on October 7 last year Qassam Brigade Hamas military wingal aqsa floodsIsrael has launched a devastating war in the Gaza Strip, causing massive infrastructure damage and tens of thousands of civilian casualties, mostly children and women, in addition to unprecedented humanitarian consequences, according to official Palestinian and UN sources. doctrine disaster.

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