Check out the pictures of the ruins in Gaza

The day after a temporary humanitarian truce, under an agreement between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Islamic Resistance Movement), the Israeli aggression in Gaza was halted for four days.agitation) and Israel, scenes from the Gaza Strip reveal the extent of the massive destruction the Gaza Strip has suffered for 49 consecutive days.

In addition to the thousands of martyred, injured or missing victims of the aggression, the Israeli occupying forces deliberately caused massive destruction, affecting everything in the Gaza Strip, including homes, property, infrastructure, schools, hospitals and other facilities.

While displaced people traveled to northern Gaza to inspect their homes, many displaced people traveling to the city of Khan Younis were unable to return to their homes as they continued their lives in makeshift tents due to attacks by occupying forces that resulted in their homes being completely destroyed.

At the same time, after the attacks were temporarily suspended, occupation aircraft dropped leaflets on displaced people in southern Gaza yesterday and Friday, saying: “The war is not over yet. The northern part of the Gaza Strip is a dangerous war zone. Detours are prohibited and residents must stay in Gaza.” Humanitarian zone south of the strip.”

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