Gaza mothers check news of homes destroyed by occupation

residents continue Gaza On the second day of the truce, he visited their communities and homes, which have been decimated over the past few weeks by Israel’s 48-day bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians have discovered the extent of the disaster, crime and mass destruction caused by Israeli forces in areas where they live.

Photojournalist Magdi Fati recorded the testimonies of Palestinian women after they returned to their homes in the eastern area of ​​Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, after a temporary truce came into effect yesterday Friday.

Palestinian women expressed shock that homes in these areas had been so badly damaged. One of the women said: “I came to the house to take something but found nothing. The Israeli army destroyed the place. “In ways that we did not expect. ”

Another Palestinian resident of Kuzaa said: “I was displaced from a shelter school in Khan Younis and I came to see my house but I was shocked when I saw the destruction. The destruction was so great, I shed tears.” Falling alone. God is enough for us and He is the best handler of things. ”

Children playing among the ruins of their home

While the overall picture in the Gaza Strip is one of tragedy, bereavement and pain, cameras documented some mothers trying to steal time to entertain their children, even amid the rubble of their destroyed homes.

A video clip posted on Instagram by journalist Moataz Azaizeh showed Palestinian mothers taking advantage of the calm period to play with their children in the rubble of their homes destroyed by heavy Israeli bombing.

A temporary humanitarian truce between Palestinian factions and Israel came into effect at 7 a.m. local time yesterday Friday.

In another scene following the ceasefire in Gaza, child Farah Moussa recounts the moment she was rescued from beneath the rubble as she regained her health, just as a temporary ceasefire came into effect in the Gaza Strip yesterday.

Yesterday Friday, journalist Amr Tabsh posted a video clip of the 13-year-old girl, who said: “I was scared. I was with my family and suddenly I found myself alone and I didn’t know where they were.”

Farah added: “I crawled out from under the rubble and thanked God I was in good health. I was having fun with girls my age when suddenly all I saw were black things. I started screaming and Call them.” Someone pulled me out from under the rubble. I waited until they took the stone away from me and said to me: Pray, I did it, thank God, my faith in God is strong, my health is good, praise God God. ”

Rotting corpses and destroyed neighborhoods

In the first minutes of the truce, hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians went to check their homes and communities, especially in border areas and areas invaded by Israeli military vehicles.

Witnesses reported to Anadolu Agency that they found the bodies of dozens of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces as they returned to their homes in the western Gaza City area and in the towns of Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya (northern). .

Witnesses explained that the decomposition of the body suggested that its owner had been killed during the invasion weeks earlier or while fleeing from Gaza City to areas south of the Gaza Strip.

Witnesses reported finding entire residential areas, including hundreds of buildings and tens of thousands of homes, completely destroyed, along with roads, government and private institutional buildings, infrastructure, and water, electricity and communications networks. Massive destruction. .

Over the past 48 days, the Israeli army has launched a devastating war against Gaza, resulting in approximately 15,000 martyrs, including 6,150 children and more than 4,000 women, approximately 7,000 missing, and more than 36,000 injured, 75% of whom were children and child. women, according to the Gaza government media office.

The humanitarian truce, which has entered its second day, includes the release of 50 Israeli prisoners from Gaza in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinians from Israeli prisons, and the entry of hundreds of trucks full of humanitarian, relief, medical and fuel aid into Rasvi All areas of Garth Avenue.

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