Premature babies in Gaza… mothers seek life policies for babies

Gaza-You are not excluded israel war on a strip Gaza Patients in hospitals, even “premature” newborns, as their lives are threatened by Gaza’s power outages and fuel depletion.

At the Nasser Medical Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip, the lives of many “premature babies” are now under threat due to Israel’s intransigence and continued efforts to block Israel. Bringing fuel into Gaza This hampered the operation of oxygen units that helped save children born during the war and the sounds of brutal bombing.

Hatem Dhair, director of the infant care department at the Nasser Medical Center, said the proportion of premature babies has increased due to displacement of people from the northern to the southern Gaza Strip and an increase in the number of premature babies during the war. Infection rates among children are rising due to a lack of hygiene procedures and shortages of children’s bedding, sterilizers and medical equipment.

An operating room at Shifa Medical Center was hit by a massive Israeli attack (Reuters)

Appeal to international organizations

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Dar called on international organizations, led by the World Health Organization and Unicef, to urgently intervene to save the lives of these children.

In this scene, the child’s mother “Varda” stood there blankly, watching the pulse of her only daughter, and sighed longly: “My daughter was born with great difficulty in early August, thank God.” This pair Her survival is very important and she is doing well now. “

She expressed fear that she would lose her children due to power outages due to lack of fuel. “I was just worried that my daughter would suffocate,” she said.

Difficulty communicating

As for Dr. Wala Khatib, she said as she examined the premature babies one by one, “We monitor them every moment, monitor their pulses, just like we monitor ourselves, and we worry about them just like we worry about ourselves. Just as worried.”

An Al Jazeera spokesperson added: “Due to the cutoff in communications and the Internet, it is difficult for us to communicate and communicate with the parents of premature babies. We need to provide clothes, milk and medicines for the children, but we are unable to provide them”.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that occupying forces bombed the only operating generator in the Gaza Strip and warned that the lives of all patients and wounded in Gaza Strip hospitals were in real danger.

3 premature babies die

“We have lost 50 patients in the past few days, including four patients with kidney disease and three premature babies due to interruptions in oxygen and electricity,” the health ministry said in a press statement on Friday.

Medical teams successfully evacuated 31 premature babies who were being monitored in incubators at the Al-Shifa medical complex, which was subsequently besieged and attacked by occupation soldiers.

The health ministry said in a statement on Sunday that 31 newborns were transferred from Al-Shifa Hospital to Tal Al-Sultan Hospital in the southern city of Rafah in preparation for their transfer to Egypt on Monday.

UNICEF has warned that the lives of one million Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip are on the verge of collapse due to an almost complete collapse of medical services and healthcare.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said Gaza’s children’s hospitals were not immune to Israeli bombing, including the badly damaged Nasr Hospital and the al-Ratisi Hospital Strip in northern Gaza, which was forced to cease operations.

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