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Jasmine Crockett also admits the plan to introduce a new form of 'reparations' may not work because many don't pay taxes anyway.

The new Democratic representative from Texas in the US Congress, Jasmine Crockett, proposed exempting black Americans from paying taxes.

Her proposal relates to the controversial idea of ​​reparations that some academics and politicians say are owed to African Americans whose ancestors suffered in slavery and who still face a legacy of disenfranchisement.

in interview On The Black Lawyers Podcast last week, Crockett argued that reparations are somehow necessary.

“A lot of black people, not only do they owe you for the labor that was stolen and killed, and all the other stuff, but the reality is that we ended up falling very far behind.” The actor told her host.

I remembered a famous person talking about exempting blacks from taxes, and I thought, “I don't know that that's… necessarily a bad idea.”

“One of the things they're proposing is that black people don't have to pay taxes for a certain period of time because…that puts money back in your pocket.” Crockett explained.

According to the actor, the idea “It may be objectionable to some people.” In reference to US taxpayers who will pay the balance that will be offset when this exemption is extended, e.g “Actually giving dollars.”

However, the Texas representative also discouraged the idea of ​​a tax break in the interview. She suggested that one of the biggest problems with the proposal is that some black people don't actually pay taxes and therefore wouldn't be eligible for reparations.

Crockett called for consistency between the federal and state governments on compensation, whatever the overall plan, because if there is no compensation, “Everyone will run to any state and say, ‘I need my state.’”

The 43-year-old congresswoman recently won the Democratic primary in her Dallas district, receiving 91.5% of the vote, the New York Times reported. mentioned.

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