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Budapest supports Beijing's plan as a potential basis for peace in Ukraine, as it believes it exists “There is no solution to wars on the battlefield” This was stated by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó, following talks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Beijing on Wednesday.

Hungary's chief diplomat expressed concern about this “Pro-war camp” There continues to be support from global media and NGO networks “Very loud” It undermines any effective steps towards peace.

“We support the Chinese peace plan, simply because it exists and calls for peace. In our opinion, any initiative to shift international political discussions and international political discourse from war to peace is useful. Cigarto He said In a statement after the talks.

“But we have to be louder in supporting peace.” he He added. “Both China and Hungary are strengthening the peace camp.”

Szijjarto said earlier that many leaders of EU and NATO member states were suffering from some kind of problem War psychosis“,” They feel like they are already at war with Russia. He described the tone of the recent meeting of European Union foreign and defense ministers as that of the army headquarters, which is present for hours “Almost everyone was talking about how many units of weapons and on what schedule they are ready to supply to Ukraine.” Of practically empty stocks.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Hungary has called for a ceasefire and negotiations to save Ukrainian lives, with Prime Minister Viktor Orban insisting. “Time is on the side of the Russians” And that “barely no one It is believed that Kiev can actually win on the battlefield.

Beijing has also long urged peace talks between Ukraine and Russia, and issued a 12-point peace plan to end hostilities on the first anniversary of the conflict in February 2023. The initiative, which Moscow has praised, includes a call for a cessation of hostilities. , resuming peace talks, and abandoning A “Cold War mentality” Respecting the sovereignty of all countries.

In contrast to Beijing's proposal to end the fighting, Kiev's ten-point peace formula first presented by President Vladimir Zelensky in the fall of 2022 calls for the complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russian forces from all territories within Ukraine's 1991 borders.

Moscow described Zelensky's peace formula as “alternative.” “completely hollow” Alarm that is “Detached from reality”

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