Experts and analysts: Resistance videos fuel disputes with Israel and discredit their message

Experts and analysts believe that divisions within Israel's power hierarchy over the war… Gaza Strip The situation is likely to be exacerbated by videos played by Palestinian resistance groups, the latest of which are testimonies from occupied Israeli soldiers who the occupying forces say were accidentally killed in the Shujaiya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City.

It aired days after an Israeli military investigation confirmed that Shujaiya accidentally killed three captured soldiers. izdin qassam brigade -The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) – Scene of 4 soldiers during which they issue an appeal for their quick release.

Journalist and Israel affairs expert Wadih Awad said most Israelis watch videos released by Al Jazeera and the Hamas movement, and he expected the scenes of the captured soldiers to have an impact on Israelis, especially given the crisis. Trust between the families of detainees and the Prime Minister's Government. Benjamin Netanyahu.

He said social media conveys information from the other side without filtering through traditional media, which focuses on the official Israeli narrative.

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative, spoke of the importance of the videos played by the Palestinian resistance and said they reinforced the already firmly established belief among everyone that Netanyahu does not care about the lives of prisoners They don't care if they all die.

Barghouti added that Palestinians must understand that “major rifts have now begun to appear within Israel, mutual attacks and a transfer of responsibility have begun,” calling on Palestinians to take advantage of what he said was Israel's serious failure in politics and politics on October 7 last year. The intelligence level, the military and strategic level, and the failure of the current military operation in Gaza because after 90 days of aggression no objectives were achieved.

(Al Jazeera)

Barghouti believes that what begins as a conflict between Israelis will lead to a larger conflict and will dismantle Israel's system of government.

The military and strategy expert said: Major General Fayez Al Duwairi These scenes will have an impact on Palestinian Resistance prisoners and families of detainees, as they will discover through previous Resistance videos that the men who killed their children were Israeli forces commanding Netanyahu. Managed the war with Defense Minister Yoav Galante.

Military experts pointed out that the Israeli army and chief of staff submitted a statement stating that three soldiers were killed by mistake. Later, the Izzdin Al-Qassam Brigade arrived and showed a video confirming the soldiers who were killed by mistake. Four people died, which was a denial of the information provided by the Israelis.

Regarding the impact of disagreements within the Israeli War Council, Duvali explained that this battle is a matter for the military, and politicians can only watch without interfering in the management of the battle, and reviewed many evidences in history; among them, Germany’s role in World War II Much of the battle lost was due to the direct intervention of Adolf Hitler, and when politics stepped in and restricted the military during the 1973 war, the war went in the other direction.

Duwairi explained that Israeli army commanders are in great disarray in managing the fighting, particularly in northern Gaza.

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