Facebook approves ad calling for annihilation of Palestinians and killing of pro-Gaza activist

US newspaper The Intercept said the Facebook app agreed to publish a series of ads that dehumanized Palestinians and called for their killing, and human rights groups had sent the ads to the company to test content monitoring standards in the app.

The American newspaper stressed that the ads, published in Arabic and Hebrew, were in flagrant violation of Facebook policies.yuan company The owners of the app, some of which contained direct calls for the killing of Palestinian civilians, and others called for “a massacre of Palestinians” and the extermination of “Palestinian women, children and the elderly.” Gaza“.

Advertisements and publications submitted by the Hamler Center, the center for the development of Arab social media, were approved by the app, including others that bypassed the app’s enforcement of censorship of Arabic-language content, some of which depicted children in Gaza being called “Future terrorists” and contained remarks offensive to Arabs and Palestinians.

Nadeem Al-Nashif, founder of the Hamra Center, an affiliate of the Arab Center for Social Media Development, discovered last month that an ad appeared on his Facebook page explicitly calling out American activist Paul Lalo, one of the founders of the Gaza freedom movement. Paul Larode was assassinated.

‘Discrimination against Palestinians’

An ad posted on Facebook by the Israeli right-wing group AD Can said: “It’s time to assassinate the anti-Semitic and anti-human rights terrorist Paul Larudi from the United States.” Facebook removed the ad after Al-Nashif reported it.

According to The Intercept, AD Can is an Israeli right-wing organization founded by former IDF officers and Israeli intelligence services to combat “anti-Israel groups” and organizations funded by anti-Semitic groups.

The newspaper quoted Nadeem Nassif as saying, “The approval of these announcements is the latest in a series of failures by Mehta towards the Palestinian people.” He added: “During this crisis, we have witnessed Mehta’s continued defeat of the Palestinians. There is clear prejudice and discrimination.”

Facebook and other apps affiliated with Meta have been accused of restricting pro-Palestinian content, particularly during Israel’s recent invasion of the Gaza Strip, which Meta denies.

Last October, some of the Arab world’s social media pioneers called for a campaign to boycott and shut down the platforms of Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The invitation comes in response to the company’s policies on the Palestinian issue and restrictions on content related to Israel’s war in Gaza.

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