Israeli policy of targeting all moving objects in southern Lebanese villages with artillery shells, some of them phosphorus

Beirut- From last Sunday to Tuesday today, Israel’s bombing of villages and areas along the southern border with Lebanon has continued to intensify. It is worth noting that the Israelis’ bombings focus on homes and any activities inside the homes. Residential area with cannons and drones.

The Israeli march also attacked a car on the road in the town of Al-Shaitiya in the Tire district of southern Lebanon. Five Palestinians in the car were killed on the spot, and the scope of the explosion expanded to the town. Marlon Alras Aaita al-Shaab, Hula, Beni Hayyan and the entire southern border.

The Israeli attacks did not stop there. Israeli artillery targeted journalists at a location opposite the town of Tel Hafa in the Western District. Three journalists were martyred, two of them from Al-Mayadeen TV, journalist Farah Omar and photographer Rabe Al-Mamari, while they were reporting on events in southern Lebanon when their base was bombed.

For her part, she was baptized Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement The resistance statement said the bombing of Israeli-occupied sites in Manala, Malikia and the Western Galilee colonies in response to targeting of civilians and journalists resulted in casualties among its members.

Nighttime explosion targeting the town of Kafkira in southern Lebanon (circulated on social media)
Night bombing target Kafr Kila in southern Lebanon, residents refuse to leave (social networking site)

Residents of Kafr Kila under threat

andThe result is one of Israel launched a series of attacks with various missiles on residential areas in the town of Kafr Kila, including PhosphorescenceOld woman Laeqa Sarhan was killed and two of her family members were injured after Israeli army artillery struck her house.

As for the town’s son, Ibrahim Hammoud, he remains stuck in his home despite the difficult conditions in the border areas. He confirmed in an interview with Al Jazeera that “the Israeli center opposite Kafr Kila deliberately bombed residential areas and houses, some of whose residents remained, and 5 houses were destroyed as a result of these attacks”, and Pointing out that phosphorus bombardment causes breathing difficulties, according to him, phosphorus bombardment causes breathing difficulties.

Hamoud refused to leave his land and home, saying: “I live in my house and they will not take me out unless I am like a lifeless corpse. I will not go out anywhere because I can’t stand it “I’m subservient to no one and don’t ask for anything from anyone, I live in my house and have whatever I can afford. “He bought some things from some shops that were open from time to time.

Hamoud confirmed that it is very difficult to move around the town’s neighborhoods and that he moves with extreme caution and does not leave his home unless absolutely necessary “because the Israelis are a ruthless enemy who can strike at any time without warning.” “The enemy does not distinguish between civilians and military personnel,” he added. Israel is retaliating against us as civilians by bombing our homes. We are experiencing a real war in the villages of the Gaza Strip to gain more. We have been living with anxiety and anticipation for over a month, but none of it will force me to leave the house. “

Hassan Issa, the mayor of Kafkira, confirmed in an interview with Al Jazeera that “Israeli enemies are committing acts of aggression against security personnel at home in Kafkira and in all villages in the south, without paying attention to complying with the requirements to protect during the war International Covenant for Civilians.”

Issa added: “In the past four days, it has become clear that the enemy of Israel wants to target those who are sticking to their homes and those who are not leaving their homes, and is also targeting civilians with internationally banned phosphorus. Through this, it is trying to eliminate All those who survive direct bombardment from artillery or drones end up dying from phosphorus fumes. “The killers have and will use all means to kill civilians. “

The tents are paralyzed

The tent city near Kafkira has been bombarded by Israel in various ways in recent days, with the latest attack on the tent killing two martyrs on Monday night when enemy planes bombed a house in the city.

Mohammad Abu Abbas, one of the city’s residents, confirmed in an interview with Al Jazeera that life there was almost paralyzed. The area was bombed and anything that moved was bombed, so most families were displaced to safer areas.

Abu Abbas also said that “the owners of most of the houses opposite the settlement of Metullah were unable to remove their luggage or belongings because when the Israelis detected any movement in or around these houses, they immediately bombarded them with artillery. . ”

Muhammad Zahreddine's house came under fire from Israeli occupying forces in the town of Mes Jabal (Exclusive report by Al Jazeera)
Mohamed Zahreddine’s house in Mes-Jabbar town comes under Israeli shelling (Al Jazeera)

Targeting Mays al-Jabal

The situation in the town of Mes al-Jabbar is not much better than that of its neighbors in the border area. Small skirmishes between Hezbollah and Israeli forces broke out from day one, coinciding with the launch of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, and the town has been under daily attack by Israel since. The bombing of various weapons and ammunition targeted in particular several houses inhabited in the town.

Israeli artillery struck the three-story house of Mohammad Zahreddin, a resident of the town, causing extensive damage to the last floor, as well as damage to the two floors below, and a car was completely destroyed by falling rubble. .

Zahreddine confirmed in an interview with Al Jazeera that “the Israeli enemy fired shells directly at the house from a location facing the town, and the attack was carried out an hour after he left the house.” He noted that the damage was very serious. Although large in scale, the important thing is that there were no casualties. “

Zahreddin noted that “the enemy came back during the march and bombed his aunt’s house, destroying most of it. It was located in an old residential area, close to his house, where the houses were adjacent to each other.”

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