Israeli media: Hamas had the last word

Israeli media increasingly cover prisoner issues… Gaza StripWhat the occupation forces have achieved in their ground operations in Gaza, as one former reservist general predicts, will determine the Islamic resistance (agitation) about the conditions of the expected prisoner deal, and political analysts believe the military’s failure turned out to be greater than expected.

Channel 12 quoted Mehran Brozanweil, a former economic adviser to the chief of staff, as saying he was not sure whether the Hamas leader was in Gaza. Yahya Sanwar He was under pressure, as some have tried to describe it, adding that if there were plans to reach a deal, “I’m afraid he will be the one to put the conditions on us.”

“We have a lot ahead of us (..) We are facing a difficult thing and it’s not going to be easy at all. “Especially because we are facing a man who will not hesitate to kill those who kidnapped us. organization. ”

Meanwhile, he was quoted by Channel 14 as saying that there was a huge information gap about “the abductees and those who arrested them” and that while Hamas was reaching a first deal for some detainees, it was not just Thinking about this while also thinking about the next step in the deal, which means giving her a chance to regain her strength.

In the same context, Adi Karmi, a former senior employee of Israel’s Internal Security Service, said:Shin Bet) – Anyone who thinks Hamas will soften its position or move toward a political solution if we don’t start fighting is wrong, noting that it took five years of negotiations to complete the Gilad Shalit Agreement with Hamas. Psychological manipulation and subterfuge,” as he puts it.

Political analyst Youtam Zhimri strongly criticized the Israeli occupation forces. In an interview with Channel 14, he said that the matter did not stop at major intelligence failures in assessing the enemy’s capabilities, but gradually discovered the existence of the military’s capabilities and capabilities. A major failure in qualifications.

Like him, reservist General Giora Eiland, the former head of operations, believes that the army has not succeeded in destroying Gaza’s tunnels, adding: “As long as there are hundreds or even more saboteurs, and as long as there are There’s combat equipment underground and it’s a challenge that has to be faced. “Find a way to overcome it. ”

Another speaker believed that the goal of eliminating Hamas’ military power would not be achieved without dismantling the “Lower Gaza” tunnels. “Of course we don’t want a direct confrontation between IDF militants and an elite terrorist in a tunnel,” he added. “Judging from his expression.

Meanwhile, military journalist Alon Ben-David believes his country will become a country waging war in the coming months, if not years.

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