News of new dangers to Israeli maritime trade after Houthis threaten to target Israeli ships


Israel’s economy is facing a new crisis after Yemen’s Houthi rebels took control of the Galaxy Leader ship and threatened to target all Israeli ships flying its flag or working with it.

threat effect Houthis Regarding Israel’s foreign trade trends with Eastern countries, especially those of the Asian continent, the cost of transportation insurance has increased, which has a negative impact on many products.

According to a report prepared by Ammar Al-Tibi, insurance prices for Israeli car sea transport increased as ships avoided the port of Ashdod and moved to the port of Haifa due to concerns about Palestinian resistance missiles.

Concerns about the impact of the war on Tel Aviv’s economy have grown as new threats to Israel’s external maritime trade emerged from the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

The impact of the war on Israel’s economy has been reflected in investors’ reluctance to take risks on new deals, with official data showing a sharp 70% drop in investment capital last October, from $1 billion to just about $1 billion. $300 million.

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