Former Israeli official: Shin Bet chairman will step down after the war

The Director of Israel’s Internal Security Agency stated:Shin Bet) Former Jacob Perry said the agency's current head, Ronan Barr, said he would resign after the war.

On Sunday, Israeli newspaper Novovovo quoted Perry as saying that Barr said shortly after the war broke out that he was responsible for his group's failure to foresee the October 7, 2023, attack by Hamas. Operation”al aqsa floodsInitiated by the Palestinian resistance movement, the forefront of which izdin qassam brigade -The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation)-the seventh day of the month.

Barr made the announcement in a formal letter to agency employees, in which he said: “Despite the steps we took, unfortunately we were unable to provide adequate warning on Saturday. Stop the attack. “It's up to me. There will be time to investigate, but for now we are fighting. “

Perry, Chief of Staff Hertz Halaway and Director of Intelligence (Mossad) David Barnea Same thing except Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuHe has yet to take responsibility for his failures.

In a related development, thousands of Israelis called for Netanyahu's resignation during demonstrations in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, accusing his government of not taking the necessary steps to repatriate people still detained by Hamas Hostages in the Gaza Strip.

The demonstration took place on the eve of the 100th day of Israel's war on Gaza.

Israeli private channel 12 previously said that information received by the Shin Bet over the summer indicated that Hamas was planning to launch a large-scale attack in early October.

According to reports, the information clearly indicates that Hamas is planning to take major actions in the coming week. Yom Kippur.

But according to the same source, this information was not passed on to senior Israeli officials, as it was assumed that more information would be received if the matter was closer to implementation.

source : israeli media + german news agency

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