Former Shin Bet chief: Palestinian people will not surrender, Hamas will not raise white flag news

While families of Israeli detainees continue to remain in Gaza Gaza Ami Ayalon, the former head of the security agency, stressed that the continuation of the war posed a threat to the lives of his family. Shin Bet– The Palestinian people will not surrender because they are “fighting for independence”, the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitationThe white flag will not be raised and Israel will not be victorious in the war.

Channel 13 quoted Ayalon as saying that Israel will not win in the war in the Gaza Strip and that the Palestinian people will not surrender as they work towards independence, Hamas and its chairman Yahya Sanwar They will not raise the white flag.

Guy Hein, the former leader of the Shin Bet and author of “Intelligence,” agreed with him, claiming Sinwa After his release from prison, he said his goal was to free all Palestinian prisoners and that he would not compromise on the war, adding that his real goal was “the survival of the Hamas movement.”

In turn, Merav Spresky, the sister of an Israeli detainee in the Gaza Strip, said the developments confirmed what we said, that military operations pose a threat to the lives of prisoners, adding, “Since the payments to free the abductees ended, none of the people who have left there have come out alive, which proves what we are saying.”

Spisky believes that “now is the time to escalate the struggle,” stressing that what the families of detainees are asking for is to propose and reach an agreement, and that officials must make courageous decisions when necessary “in order to reach a deal that can problem-solving agreement.” Release all those who have been kidnapped,” as she said.

Other analysts have also spoken of the Hamas movement's growing popularity among a majority of Palestinians, including former Security Council member Efe Ettam, suggesting that polls among West Bank Palestinians indicate that among them A majority of the population supports Hamas unconditionally and more strongly than before the war.

Mickey Dozental is a former member of… israel parliament He told Channel 13 that if elections were held, Hamas would definitely win them, something Israel does not want and will not allow.

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