Islamic Jihad: What is happening in the West Bank is a war of extermination against the Palestinian people News

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement says what is happening… bank of the west This is a war aimed at exterminating the Palestinian people and implementing plans for displacement and settlement expansion.

The movement added that it will face Israel’s war everywhere and that the people will not surrender and will do everything possible to fight terrorism.

The movement also called on the masses to support the resistance movement Gaza andembryo She stressed the importance of everyone taking part in this fight.

Today, Israel released 39 Palestinian children as part of the terms of the armistice agreement, which entered its third day. Gaza StripSimultaneously with the release of prisoners, occupying forces also attacked rallies to receive released prisoners.

Al Jazeera reporters said occupying forces fired bullets and tear gas in nearby Betouniya. Ramallah Preventing Palestinians from filming buses carrying liberated children.

Occupying forces dispersed hundreds of Palestinians who had gathered outside the El-Siover military prison in the city of Ramallah to await the release of prisoners. The Palestinian Red Crescent said its staff were dealing with two casualties in the area.

Earlier today on Sunday, eight Palestinians were killed by Israeli-occupied bullets in the West Bank, six of them in the city of Jenin and its camps, while a young Palestinian man was martyred in the settlement of Psagot, east of the city of Bire , the other is located in Yatma Village, south nablus.

Number of martyrs in West Bank rises to approximately 238 since fighting began al aqsa floods initiated by movement agitation Nearly 3,000 people from the Palestinian resistance faction were injured on October 7.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club also reported that the number of detainees in the West Bank had increased to 3,160 since that date.

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