Der Spiegel: Sinwar is charismatic and intelligent, and Hamas attacks put Palestinian policy back at the forefront

The German magazine “Der Spiegel” published a long report written by seven writers, in which they talked about the possible consequences of a fierce war between the two countries. Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) exist Gaza Strip.

The magazine devotes a large portion of its coverage to biographies of leaders of the Hamas movement in Gaza. Yahya Sanwarwhich it believes was the mastermind behind the October 7 attack on Israel.

However, the report's authors concluded that the attack and subsequent developments brought the Palestinian issue back into the spotlight and represented a “turning point” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because “the situation is no longer what it was before,” And Israel was forced to give up the illusion of having the ability to “handle” the conflict with Palestine.

Judging from the attack results

As a result of Hamas attacks and the subsequent Israeli war on Gaza, normalization talks between Israel and…Saudi Arabiait becomes all Russia andChina They see the current situation as an “opportunity” to exert influence in the region while also struggling European Union According to Der Spiegel, the U.S. government is facing challenges and feeling isolated over its pro-Israel stance as it struggles to determine its future role in the conflict.

The German magazine quoted Israeli pollster Dalia Scheindlin as saying that for many Palestinians, Hamas has now become the “number one” movement against Israel at a time when it has become a confrontation Israel’s “number one” sport. fatah movement “Secularism” – dominant Palestinian Authority exist bank of the west– It doesn't matter.

This is one of Hamas's goals, along with the goal of detaining the maximum number of prisoners in order to force the release of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

Undermining Israelis’ sense of security

According to the magazine, Sinwar may have had a third goal in mind, which was to undermine Israelis' sense of security, confidence in their country and military, and hit them where they are weakest: their deep fear. To wipe out their people who have been oppressed for thousands of years.

The report's authors wanted to know: How did things get to the point where Hamas was able to launch such a violent attack? Why would Hamas risk its rule or even its existence in Gaza? Can Israel destroy it through this war? Or will Hamas end up becoming more powerful in the long run?

Der Spiegel advises anyone looking for answers not to ignore Yahya Sinwar's question.

Who is Hamas and who is Yahya Sinwar?

According to reports, the story of Hamas began in December 1987 as an offshoot for the muslim brotherhood exist Egyptand its basis Sheikh Ahmed YassinYahya Al-Sanwar is in his twenties and the most “hard-working” of his students.

Prior to this, Yassin and his companions did not participate in the armed resistance led by “secular nationalists”, but “Islamized” society.

In the 1970s, Yassin received permission from the Israeli military authorities to establish an Islamic association, and his followers ran schools, clinics and religious centers. At the time, Israel feared armed nationalists and viewed religious Muslims as their “counterweight” and supported them.

when it is Yasser Arafat president Palestine Liberation Organization At that time, he was in exileTunisiaHe is considering negotiating with Israeltwo state solutionThe report's authors said Hamas has taken a different path because it believes now is the right time for armed struggle.

Establishment of the State of Palestine

compared to my organizationFor an Islamic country andAl QaedaHamas has sought to establish a Palestinian state rather than a “global jihad” or the creation of a caliphate.

After Hamas began attacking Israelis in 1989, Michael Coby, who led Israel's Internal Security Service investigation, decided…Shin BetIn the Gaza Strip in the late 1980s, he took the radical step of ordering the arrest of all Hamas members, including Yassin and Yahya Sinwar, on May 9 of that year.

According to reports, Kobe met Shinwar in person when he was 27 years old. Bryant said Sinwar “did not say a word at first,” explaining that he was Yassin's most important aide and the founder and leader of Hamas's internal intelligence agency, al-Majid, who only came under pressure from Yassin. Xinwar didn't talk to him until next. he.

“It's been clear to me since then that Hamas is our greatest enemy,” Bryant added. “What we're doing in Gaza now comes too late.”

Hamas is everything to him

When Bryant asked him why he didn't start a family in his thirties, Sinwar responded: “Hamas is my wife, my son, my daughter and my father. Hamas to me is Everything.” And stressed that the day will come when Hamas will be released from prison to destroy Israel.

In 1989, an Israeli court sentenced Sinwar to life imprisonment four times. He went on hunger strike three times and fought for better treatment for his fellow inmates until he was released in 2011 as part of an agreement to release 1,027 prisoners in Israel. Palestinian detainees exchanged for soldiers. Gilad Shalit.

The deal may be a model for the attacks on October 7 last year. The report's authors asked: “If Israel releases 1,027 prisoners in exchange for one soldier, what if Hamas kidnaps dozens of Israelis?”

Inside the prison, Sinwar came up with the idea of ​​digging tunnels to kidnap Israeli soldiers in order to exchange them for Palestinian detainees (Anatolia)

Full of wisdom and charm

Bryant described the Hamas leader in Gaza as “charming and intelligent.” He learned Hebrew within months, showed an interest in Israeli history and politics, and learned some of the Jewish holy book, the Torah.

When Yahya Al-Sanwar went to prison, the world was changing around him.Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister signed Yitzhak Rabin in the rose garden white house In 1993 in Washington, an agreement provided for “land for peace.”

The “Der Spiegel” report mentioned that Rabin was killed by an extremist Jew in 1995 because “he was the current prime minister.” Benjamin Netanyahu and his security minister. itama ben gvir “One of the main figures instigating the assassination.”

The report states that Mohammed Dia Ibrahim al-Masri – nicknamed…Mohammad Aldiv– leadership Qassam Brigadethe military wing of the Hamas movement, takes over from Eng. Yahya Ayash Who was assassinated by Israel.

The report's authors claim that Al-Deif and Al-Sanwar were the masterminds of the October 7 attack.

Palestinian Authority rejects

According to a German magazine, Hamas' victory in the 2006 legislative elections represented a rejection of the Palestinian Authority's “incompetence and corruption” and “frustration” with the faltering peace process, with some Christians even voting To the Islamists.

The magazine claims that weakening the Palestinian Authority is a common goal of the Israeli right-wing coalition with Hamas in Gaza, from which both parties initially benefited; as Hamas continues to build its mini-state, Netanyahu remains calm and continues to expand settlement In the West Bank, this makes a two-state solution even more unrealistic.

Sinwar allegedly came up with the idea of ​​digging tunnels inside the prison to kidnap Israeli soldiers in order to trade them for Palestinian detainees.

Months later, after Sinwar was elected leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip in February 2017, the former Hamas leader proposed Khalid MishalA new plan that includes amendments to some provisions of the 1988 Hamas Charter.

Although the new document does not recognize Israel's right to exist, it is the first time Hamas has talked about a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.

Gaza is a hungry tiger trapped in a cage

The report added that “to the surprise of many,” Sinwar said in an interview with foreign journalists, “if we had the opportunity to resolve the conflict without causing destruction, we would agree. We want to invest in peace and love .”

However, the “Der Spiegel” report believed that Sinwar's speech was only part of the message he conveyed to reporters. As for the other part, it's “gloomy and foreboding” as it says Gaza is like “a hungry tiger trapped in a cage” and “the animal the Israelis are trying to humiliate has been released and no one knows” it Where will it move and what will it do,” adding that Hamas cannot continue as before: “The conditions here are intolerable and explosions are inevitable. “

It said it would not be easy to weaken Hamas economically because its main source of revenue lies abroad. The magazine estimates Hamas' annual revenue at about $500 million.

The German magazine quoted Tel Aviv University analyst Michael Milstein as confirming that even if Israel succeeds in defeating Hamas militarily, it will continue to exist underground and abroad “and it cannot be destroyed.”

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