Shtayyeh: Israel wants us to be security authority, we don’t base information on anyone’s size

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh said Israel hopes… Palestinian Authority Becoming an “administrative security authority”, emphasizing that “the Palestinian leadership is not controlled by anyone, but derives its legitimacy from its people, whose voice is in the ballot box.”

This was a speech delivered today at the opening of the Palestinian government's weekly meeting in the central city of Ramallah on Monday. bank of the westAccording to a statement issued by the Palestinian Prime Minister's Office.

Recently, there has been increasing discussion about the shape and role of the Palestinian Authority after the war in the Gaza Strip, due to Israel's rejection of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah in its current form.

For weeks, Ramallah and Tel Aviv have witnessed intensive visits from many European and American officials.

According to published reports, the U.S. government's confidence in the Palestinian Authority security forces and their effective actions to prevent repeated attacks on Israel has prompted discussions about a postwar reactivation of these forces and their security services in the Gaza Strip. Play a role. Covered by Western and Israeli media.

Last week, Bloomberg quoted Shtayyeh as saying the Palestinian Authority was working with U.S. officials on a plan to manage… Gaza Strip After the war.

What does Israel want from the Palestinian Authority?

In his speech, Shtaye stressed the need to enable the authorities to hold elections, including in the city of Jerusalem, and implement the reform plan adopted two years ago.

He continued, “The new authority that Israel and its allies want is not our authority. Israel wants an administrative security authority. We are a national authority that strives to embody the image of the country on the ground in order to achieve independence and end the occupation.”

Shtaye said Israel wants authorities to develop school curricula that coexist with the occupation, adding, “Our national curriculum says Jerusalem is our capital and talks about the right of return, and is consistent with international standards and based on science and learning , reflects our history, civilization and culture.”

He believed that Israel wanted a regime that abandoned prisoners and martyrs, and continued, “We say these are our children, and we are a government that is responsible for the children of martyrs and prisoners, who are the conscience of the Palestinian national movement.”

It is worth noting that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He confirmed his readiness to fight Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank and stressed that the Gaza Strip would remain under Israeli security control after the war.

Netanyahu added that under no circumstances would he allow the Palestinian Authority to resume rule over the Gaza Strip, according to a statement about him before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee leaked to the Israeli media.

financial blockade

The Palestinian prime minister called on the world to help stop the aggression and end the occupation “not to plunge us into a maze of wasted time or a spiral of emptiness,” adding that “in Gaza there was a period of bloodshed, in Gaza it was a period of hunger, destruction and a time of destruction.”

He pointed out that the world and the United Nations need to set a timetable for ending the occupation, ending the suffering of the Palestinian people, and recognizing the Palestinian state as its capital. Jerusalemand the right of refugees to return.

There is talk of renewing, revitalizing or strengthening the authority and we want to strengthen the work of the authority, Shtaye added. This means it can work on its own soil, stop the aggression and incursions into Al-Aqsa mosques, cities, refugee camps and villages, lift the financial blockade on us, stop deductions from our funds, stop the colonialist Settlement and terrorism.

As the Palestinian prime minister talks about the financial siege, Israeli Finance Minister Bezarel Smotrich pledged that no funds would be transferred to Nazis in Ramallah.the minister wrote above

Two days ago, the Israeli Finance Minister announced that the Authority had reached an agreement with Israel on the transfer of funds owed to the Palestinians during the occupation under U.S. auspices.

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