This is what we know about 24 hours in Gaza

Palestinians live in Gaza Strip Their daily lives are filled with the sound of continuous Israeli bombings and scenes of blood and destruction that affect everything. Al Jazeera English aired a video titled “A Day in Gaza, Made by the People of Gaza,” showing parts of the diaries of some Gazans.

In November 2023, the channel asked 10 Gazans to film real-life moments of daily life, and they conveyed all the details: the continued Israeli bombing and the killings, fear and massive destruction it caused, the shortage of supplies and even the scarcity of food, water and electricity, as well as evacuation journeys and finding a place to sleep.

A young man tells of his daily life in Gaza without electricity or water but, as he puts it, using the soft light from a solar charger cord.

Another young man said having a cup of tea early in the morning is harder than you think.

As footage captured people queuing up to buy bread at a bakery, one of the children was getting ready to go, saying: “I'm going to buy my mum a bike… but this bike is expired.” “Order it. I wish I could buy it A new bike.”

One of the girls laughed and said she walked for about half an hour and found only nuts. “I was hoping to find cookies or something.”

Another appeared filming with a mobile phone in hand and said: “We're here to find fruit…the only fruit we have is green apples.”

A father embraces his son who was martyred by Israel's brutal bombing of Gaza (Getty)

Bombed and destroyed houses

From the diaries of Gaza people who hear the sound of planes and Israeli bombings all the time, this is the reality narrated by a young man running who keeps repeating “I want to bring water to my grandmother” .

One woman hugged her little girl to calm her down, saying: “It's over, it's over, my love… Oh Lord… Oh Lord.”

One of the children brought “very bad news”, saying: “Our school has been bombed. God forbid, this will be a lie. God, if it is bombed, I will scream.”

Among the houses destroyed by Israeli bombing, a girl pointed: “This is a house, this is another house… The whole neighborhood was completely destroyed.” She said all residents were trying to help people escape Dilemma. Heaps of rubble because there were no ambulances.

Despite the difficulties of daily life, a little girl tried to play the violin loudly to cover up the sound of the bomb – as she put it – to make her siblings feel comfortable. A woman touched her daughter's forehead and said: “This is My little girl, she's sleeping right now… Finally, despite all the bombing and noise, she feels like she's safe.” High around us.

The woman added, “We still sleep together because we still have this ongoing feeling that if our house is bombed, we want to die together.”

Palestinians in Gaza lose loved ones and children every day that Israel wages war against them, some of whom scream loudly at the oppression: “God is against every oppressor and slanderer…these are not Civilian rocket fired.”

Evacuations and finding a safe place to sleep at night are part of daily life for Gazans. A 19-year-old girl recounted the moment they were evacuated from their school, calling it the scariest moment, while another young man smiled as he and his friend Daman found a place.

On the other hand, children and even adults were frightened and frightened by the constant sound of bombings, and in view of their fear, they repeated the Shahada: “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His servant, the Messenger.”

It is worth noting that since October last year, the number of Palestinian martyrs has exceeded catastrophe 1948.

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