International experts: Gaza’s destruction will not provide security for Israel, war exposes liberal values ​​policy

5 weeks after the war ended Gaza StripIsrael appears to be adhering to a scorched-earth policy, while its prime minister promises… Benjamin Netanyahu Take on the world if necessary.

Alia Brahimi, a researcher at the Atlantic Council in Washington, published such an article in the US magazine Newsweek, pointing out the level of suffering experienced by residents of the Gaza Strip.

Brahimi, who specializes in Middle East and North African politics, said that in addition to the serious and ongoing threat posed by Israel’s bombing of Gaza, parents can no longer find milk for their young children and mothers are forced to drag their children without access to clean water. water without access to safety, while dogs ate the bodies of martyrs.

The researcher added in her article that given the humanitarian crisis unfolding before our eyes, some of the risks are not limited to residents of Gaza or Palestine.

Brahimi believes that the destruction caused by Israel in Gaza is unlikely to provide real security for Israelis and Jews.

Then, there are non-Israeli Jews around the world who want nothing to do with what some call “.”genocideHowever, they must confront the Israeli leadership’s vision of Israel as “the nation-state of the Jewish people.”

The cycle of violence will not stop

As for the Israelis themselves, they will soon have to face a new wave of Palestinians taking a tougher stance against Israel and the occupation, which is reportedly inevitable due to the “intentional” killing of alarming numbers of children in repeated Israeli attacks result. Newsweek article.

Israel as a society – Brahimi still talks – must also deal with the moral damage caused by the government’s actions in Gaza, particularly the blatant racism and dehumanization that followed and its long-term consequences.

In addition, they must contend with Israel’s total isolation from the many Arab peoples and governments with which it shares the region.

Threats to the area

Brahimi warned that such violence was pushing the region to the edge of a precipice, leaving unhealed wounds caused by “hypocrisy, occupation, humiliation and killing of civilians”, both in war and peace, and that most The cornerstone of (if not all) Islamic extremist ideologies and movements. “

The author criticizes the comparison between Hamas and the “Islamic State” and believes that Hamas is ultimately a regional nationalist group that emerged from the independence movement, participates in elections, and does not refuse to negotiate, which means that Hamas’s path is lifted Arming and uprooting Hamas is a political issue. Its essence can only be achieved through partnership with the Palestinian people.

She said the silence and complicity of leaders of major democracies may not be solely responsible for Israeli aggression but a major turning point in the global crisis of democracy.

She draws attention to the analogy of U.S. President Joe Biden The relationship between Israelis and Ukrainians, the distortion of public sympathy for besieged civilians, and the racist hatred of the deposed British home secretary point out that the war in Gaza raises urgent questions for democratic governments about the consistency and strength of Western values.

The luster of liberalism is fading

The author goes on to say that violations international humanitarian law Human dignity and basic decency in Gaza degrades the dignity of all of us. The same applies to dishonest attempts to conceal the truth about the occupation, as it was the strategic background and ultimate driver of all this bloodshed.

The researcher said she believed Western leaders would protect Israel, Palestinians and the rights of Palestinians by demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, negotiating the release of “desperate” prisoners and then launching in good faith a political process to end the Israeli occupation. All civilians trapped in future wars.they protect global liberal order Its luster gradually fades.

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