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Paris released footage of its M51.3 long-range ballistic missile being tested over the weekend, as part of ongoing improvements to France’s nuclear deterrent.

The M51.3 is the latest version of the M51, a three-stage missile designed to be launched from French nuclear submarines. The original rocket was first launched from a land launch pad in 2006 and from sea in 2010.

“First successful test launch of an M51.3 strategic ballistic missile!” French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu wrote on the X website (formerly Twitter), adding that “It confirms the credibility of our nuclear deterrent and demonstrates the superiority of our launch sector.”

According to the French Ministry of Defense, the missile was launched from the Biscarrosse test site in southwestern France and fell into the North Atlantic Ocean. “Hundreds of kilometers from any coastline.” The exact launch location has not been determined. The missile did not carry a warhead.

France’s defense procurement and development agency, the Directorate General of Armaments, said the test had been conducted “In strict compliance” With international obligations confirmed “he is working well” For the missile system, which contributed to the final approval of version M51.3.

The missile is being developed by ArianeGroup, a joint venture between French military contractor Safran and multinational company Airbus.

France has been a nuclear power since 1960, when it tested an independently developed atomic bomb. It is believed to have around 300 operational nuclear warheads, carried primarily by naval and air assets, with all French land-based launchers having been withdrawn from service by 1997.

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