Israel War Council announces second phase of ground operations in Gaza

The Israeli War Council announced the second phase of ground operations at a press conference Saturday evening. GazaHe confirmed that the plan would continue until what they described as “victory and the return of the kidnappers.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin said Netanyahu They are committed to continuing the war until “a decisive victory is achieved and…” agitation“, “return the kidnapped people” and “ensure that Gaza does not pose a threat to Israel,” he said.

Netanyahu appealed for popular and political support to achieve the goals, adding that the United States and the world were exerting “tremendous pressure, but we are resisting it and will continue the war” and stressed that they were doing something to achieve the goals. exert huge political efforts. “To ensure a certain degree of freedom of movement in this long war,” Saying it said.

Israel’s prime minister denies a deal has been reached so far, saying they are doing everything they can to repatriate the maximum number of abductees.

“It is impossible to establish a civil administration in Gaza that supports and pays for terrorism,” he said. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) still refuses to condemn the October 7 attack after 43 days Things that happened.

Hamas exploits Israeli sentiments

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galante said that his troops have entered the second phase of ground operations in Gaza, and the places on the west side of Gaza City for Hamas activities are increasingly decreasing.

He added that Hamas plays with the emotions of families and the Israeli public and that it only understands the language of force.

He stressed that Israel’s war against Hamas is “a total war, and that includes its members, there is no difference between terrorists with Kalashnikovs and terrorists in suits.”

He stressed that we must focus on “my goal is to win the war and return the abducted people, I don’t want to deal with other things.”

The top priority is to return the abductees

As for Benny Gantz, a member of the Israeli War Council, he said that the war will continue with great force and that there will be peace and security afterwards.

He pointed out that Israel will not run the Gaza Strip after the war, and Hamas will not run the area.

“I met today with the families of the abductees, we are all war councils and everyone is taking the necessary steps to repatriate the abductees,” he added, stressing that from his point of view the first priority was the repatriation of what he described of people as “abductees”.

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