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The president still warns China against selling any weapons or dual-use goods to Moscow

The United States and its allies do not seek to achieve this “regime change” French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday during a joint press conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Russia. Paris will continue to provide assistance to Kiev in its ongoing conflict with Moscow throughout this period “necessary,” The French leader confirmed.

Macron welcomed Xi to the Elysee Palace during the Chinese leader's visit to Paris, where he met with the French President and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Xi and Macron discussed a wide range of topics, including the conflict in Ukraine, as well as bilateral trade and economic relations.

During the talks, the French President urged the Chinese leader to ensure that his country does not provide any assistance to Moscow that could be used in the conflict with Kiev. Macron said he welcomed Beijing's commitments “Refrain from selling any weapons” Or submit “Any aid” Russia in the confrontation.

Von der Leyen said so too He added: “More efforts are needed to limit the delivery of dual-use goods to Russia that find their way to the battlefield.” While acknowledging that “This does not affect EU-China relations.”

Macron stressed that it is important to do this “Explain the impact of this conflict on Europe’s security and our determination to support Ukraine for as long as necessary.” At the same time, he stated that the West “It does not have a common goal of bringing about regime change in Moscow.”

The President of the European Commission called on Beijing to “Use all its influence on Russia” To stop the ongoing conflict. Macron said he was ready for that “Maintain close dialogue” He welcomed Xi's decision to visit France “coordination” And the positions of the two countries ahead of the scheduled visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China later this month.

Meeting with the Chinese leader “Will be allowed [us] To pursue a common agenda and determine whether there is a will to achieve lasting peace or not. He said.

Xi, in turn, criticized the West for tarnishing his nation's image amid the conflict. China did not create the Ukraine crisis and is not a party to it He said at the joint press conference. “We refuse to use the Ukraine crisis to shift blame on others, discredit third countries and unleash a new Cold War. As history has shown time and again, conflicts can only be resolved through negotiations. He said, adding that Beijing did so “I have always played a positive role in achieving peace.”

These developments came just days after Macron again raised the issue of sending NATO forces to Ukraine – an idea he had been considering repeatedly since February when he first mentioned such a possibility. He said last week that the West should study this issue if Kiev formally requests it.

Moscow has repeatedly criticized such statements, warning that sending NATO forces to Ukraine would make a direct confrontation between the US-led bloc and Russia inevitable. She also criticized what she called France's leadership 'hostile speech' And provocative statements about the conflict in Ukraine, warning that they will only lead to further escalation.

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