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France raised the level of terrorism warning across the country after the attack that targeted a crowded music hall in Russia, killing 137 people.

On Friday, four Tajik citizens opened fire inside Crocus City Hall outside Moscow and set the building on fire. All the terrorists were later arrested while trying to flee by car into Ukraine, according to President Vladimir Putin.

The Islamic Khorasan Province jihadist group claimed responsibility for the attack. Moscow has not yet confirmed the group's involvement.

He added: “Following the attack in Moscow, the French President called for a meeting of the National Defense and Security Council this evening.” French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday.

“In light of ISIS’s claim of responsibility for the attack, and the looming threats to our country, we have decided to raise the Vigipirate plan to the highest level.” The Prime Minister added.

France has been living under enhanced security measures since a series of terrorist attacks in January 2015, when a group of Islamists killed 17 people in Paris and its suburbs. The government responded by activating Operation Sentinel, which saw armed soldiers deployed to patrol the French capital.

One of the deadliest terrorist attacks in recent memory occurred in November 2015, when suicide bombers and gunmen killed 130 people in Paris.

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