From inside Gaza.. Lulwa Al Khater delivers message to the people of Gaza Strip | Message

Minister of State for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar said lulwa al hart, It comes to the Gaza Strip “carrying a message of brotherhood and love as well as a message of solidarity and support from the country” Qatar Leadership and people. “

I speak to my family Gaza In a video clip she posted on her account

She added: “People of Gaza, O God, you raise the dead and awaken the humanity of the world after its slumber. In your presence, all words are empty, all stories are repeated, all our daily battles are Trivial, all speeches are empty.” The statement means nothing (…) Then Gaza begins to rearrange the priorities of this world, if I say: Today you are restoring what was stolen from us all or perhaps we have forgotten I am not exaggerating about human nature. “

She emphasized that it is the residents of the Gaza Strip who are paying the price today. “The cost of exposing double standards, the cost of breaking the arrogant occupation machine, the cost of upholding the sanctity of billions of Muslims and Christians around the world.”

First Arab delegation visit since war began

Lulwa Alhat arrived in the Gaza Strip yesterday Sunday as part of Qatar’s diplomatic delegation to oversee the process of presenting and delivering additional Qatari aid plans to the Palestinian people.

She is the first visit by a senior Arab official to the Gaza Strip since Israel began its invasion of the Strip on October 7.

In a separate statement, the Qatari minister told Al Jazeera that the pace of aid being delivered to Gaza was not meeting demand, noting that aid was arriving in the northern Gaza Strip for the first time since the start of the Israeli aggression.

She explains from the Palestinian side Heading to Rafah crossing point That Qatar That it is ready to provide any amount of assistance required suggests that efforts are underway on the political track to extend the armistice.

In mid-November, Lulwah Al Khater led a delegation from the State of Qatar to visit the cities of Al-Arish andRafa In Egypt, additional aid packages are being offered to the Palestinian people, according to a statement from the Qatari Foreign Ministry.

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