Gantz raises 'key questions' about war News

Israel Channel 12 reveals list of minister’s demands to Israel’s war council Benny Ganz To the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He touched upon a number of issues vital to the continuation of the war.

Gantz asked to discuss the Rafah crossing, the channel reportedSaladin Axis (Philadelphia) In addition to talks with Egypt on this, mechanisms will also be proposed to prevent arms smuggling from continuing.

Gantz also asked to discuss the day after the war in Gaza and asked whether it was necessary to redefine the goals of the war, especially the return of Israeli detainees, the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and the return of Gaza residents to their homes.

Gantz called for a time limit for diplomatic negotiations over the border situation with Lebanon.

Since the establishment of the war council, which is led by Netanyahu and includes Gantz and the defense minister Yoav Galante– Israeli media reported that there have been disagreements between Netanyahu and Galant and Netanyahu and Gantz on more than one occasion over the management of the war and the issue of Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip.

Islamic Resistance Movement SurprisedagitationOn October 7, Israel launched a large-scale attack on settlements around the Gaza Strip, killing about 1,200 Israelis and capturing dozens more.

According to the Israeli army, 168 officers and soldiers have been killed in Gaza since the start of ground operations on October 27, and the total number of deaths since the 7th of the same month has reached 502.

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