German fears grow that NATO won’t survive Trump – NYT — RT World News

The Republican front-runner has repeatedly questioned the benefit of the bloc, accusing its members of exploitation outside the United States.

The New York Times said that there is growing concern among the German leadership that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will not survive if Republican candidate Donald Trump is re-elected as president of the United States.

In his speech to supporters in Las Vegas last month, Trump said the United States is “We pay NATO, and we don't get much from it.” In addition to that “If we needed their help, say we were attacked, I don’t think they would be there.” The former president repeatedly accused Washington's NATO allies of failing to do their duty, and declared in 2017 that the military bloc was in a critical situation. “Outdated.”

Trump remains in the lead in the race to win the Republican presidential nomination ahead of the November election, with several contenders withdrawing from the race.

The New York Times claimed in its article on Saturday that senior German officials fear there are major doubts about whether NATO can survive a second Trump term.

Reports indicate that the informal deliberations taking place in Berlin and other European capitals, which are said to be focused on the possible disintegration of the bloc, represent a milestone. “A stunning reflection of thought” Compared to the hadith of A “New unit” The newspaper added, following the start of the Russian military campaign against Ukraine in February 2022.

“Their immediate concern is growing pessimism that the United States will continue to fund the struggle in Ukraine.” The New York Times reported, referring to the months-long stalemate in Congress over the latest $60 billion package proposed by President Joe Biden for Kiev.

Republicans made lifting the ban on additional defense aid to Ukraine and Israel conditional on the administration agreeing to tighten controls on the US-Mexican border to stem the flow of migrants.

Citing anonymous sources, the New York Times reported in December that EU diplomats and representatives of several think tanks were “Making pilgrimages to friends of Mr. Trump.” To inquire whether he plans to withdraw the United States from NATO.

Earlier that month, Mark Esper, who served as US Defense Secretary under Trump from July 2019 to November 2020, told MSNBC that if re-elected, his former boss “We will withdraw our support for Ukraine.”

“His next step will be to start withdrawing us from NATO, and certainly withdrawing forces from NATO countries.” The former Pentagon chief claimed. Esper warned against such a scenario “It could cause the alliance to collapse.”

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