Greece choked by Sahara sandstorm (VIDEO) — RT World News

On Tuesday, video clips showed a huge dust storm blowing from Africa, covering Athens and other Greek cities, and coloring the sky yellow-orange.

According to the meteorological services, the dust storm in the desert will be accompanied by mud rain, mostly in the north and west of the country.

Local weather reports stated that the storm coincided with rising temperatures in the spring, which intensified its impact. Winds are expected to shift westward on Wednesday, resulting in lower dust levels.

He added: “This is a phenomenon that occurs during these months… and is usually accompanied by southern winds and high temperatures.” Dr. Kostas Lagovardos, Director of Research at the National Observatory’s Environment and Sustainable Development Research Institute, told the Athens Macedonian News Agency.

He described it as “An important environmental problem because it affects many people, especially when concentrations are high on Earth.”

Doctors warn of increased risks to citizens, especially those suffering from pre-existing respiratory diseases.

The sandstorm in the desert forced Libya to suspend air traffic on Monday and Tuesday. It was accompanied by winds reaching speeds of 70 kilometers per hour, according to the Libya Observer. A video clip broadcast by local media showed a runway covered in a thick layer of sand.

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