The conservative American journalist visited Moscow to speak with the Russian leader

American conservative journalist Tucker Carlson is preparing to broadcast an interview he conducted with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin on Tuesday. The conversation will also be posted on Carlson's private network and broadcast on X (formerly Twitter).

Western media “Lying to readers and viewers” By promoting Kiev's position while downplaying Russia's, Carlson claimed. “That is wrong. Americans have the right to know everything they can about the war they are involved in.” he said in a video on X on Tuesday.

Carlson added that he wants to talk to Putin because he is his “The duty to inform people” Especially regarding the Ukrainian conflict, because the United States is Kiev's largest military supporter.

News of Carlson's visit to Moscow sparked criticism in Western media, while some politicians called for sanctions against the former Fox News host. However, an EU Council source told Russia's TASS news agency that sanctions against Carlson are not on the table at the moment.

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