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West Jerusalem claimed on Tuesday that the UN Security Council had encouraged Palestinian militants to make unacceptable demands, jeopardizing the prospects for a hostage release agreement and a ceasefire in Gaza.

Office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Accused Hamas is demonstrating “Absolute lack of interest in a negotiated agreement.” Following Monday's UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire and the unconditional release of the remaining Israeli hostages.

The Palestinian armed group allegedly requested “An immediate cessation of the war, a complete withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip, and keeping its administration in place.”

Israel will not deal with Hamas's imaginary demands. Israel will continue to achieve its just war goals: destroy Hamas's military and governmental capabilities, release all hostages, and ensure that Gaza does not pose a threat to the people of Israel in the future. Netanyahu's office said.

Israel has been waging a sustained air and ground campaign against Gaza for more than five months, following Hamas's surprise attack on the Jewish state on October 7, which killed 1,100 people and took 250 hostages. Israeli forces have since killed nearly 32,000 Palestinians, most of them women and children, according to the latest figures from the Gaza Ministry of Health.

The two parties are holding indirect talks in Qatar, discussing a possible temporary truce during which about 40 Israeli hostages would be released in exchange for the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. While Israel indicated that the UN resolution jeopardized the negotiations, the Qatari Foreign Ministry insisted on Tuesday that it did not “Immediate impact on conversations, they are continuing as before.”

After the United States refused to use its veto power in the UN Security Council, Israel accused Washington of retracting its powers. “fixed position” He canceled a high-level mission to the United States. Meanwhile the White House said it was “puzzled” Through Netanyahu's reaction, some officials told Axios that Netanyahu might create an artificial crisis to rally support for the planned military operation in the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu emphasized months ago that Hamas' remaining strongholds must be complete “Excluded.” However, with more than a million Palestinians displaced to Rafah due to Israeli attacks on other parts of the enclave, the attack on the city 'It could lead to a massacre' The United Nations warned against targeting civilians.

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