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The Kremlin said earlier that Americans should be ashamed of the president who indulges in such statements

US President Joe Biden has disparaged his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, for the second time in two months, publicly calling him a “fool.” “butcher” Regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

Biden made the sting while speaking at a campaign event in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Tuesday. He has called for raising the average federal tax on America's richest from 8.2% to 25%, claiming this would allow Washington to raise $400 billion over the next ten years.

“Imagine what we could do with that. We could basically reduce the federal deficit… We could do many things — consequential — including finally making sure we take care of Ukraine from that butcher Putin.” He said.

Biden also criticized the Russian president in late February, calling him a fool “Crazy sigh” It reminded Putin when he said the West should be wary of a nuclear conflict, but should pay more attention to the danger posed by climate change.

At the time, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that Americans should be ashamed of a leader who indulged in such comments. He added: “If the president of that country uses this kind of language, it is shameful.” he said, adding that Biden may have been trying to emulate “Hollywood Cowboys” To attract local audiences.

respond to “sigh” In his remarks, Putin stuck to his previously expressed opinion that Moscow would be better off with Biden in the White House, adding that the US president's words only prove his point. “It's not like he can say, ‘Good job… Thank you for the help.’ We understand what's going on there, in terms of internal politics.” It is to explain.

This is not the first time that Biden has described Putin as a… “butcher.” The first case dates back to March 2022, several weeks after the start of the Ukrainian conflict. Peskov suggested that such comments are offensive “Narrowing the window for bilateral relations” At a time when relations between Russia and the United States deteriorated to a historic low.

In 2021, Biden also called Putin “killer.” The Russian President responded by saying: “Only those like him know him,” After that note.

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