Putin ‘won’t stop in Ukraine’ – Biden — RT World News

The US President urged Republicans to lift the ban on military aid to Kiev in his State of the Union address

President Joe Biden warned in his State of the Union address Thursday night that Russia would bypass Ukraine and continue to threaten other European countries if the United States halts its support for Kiev. Russian President Vladimir Putin is determined to do so “Sowing chaos across Europe” Biden claimed.

He added: “If anyone in this room thinks that Putin will stop in Ukraine, I assure you that he will not.” Biden told Congress. He went on to renew his appeal to House Republicans to stop blocking additional military aid to Kiev.

He added: “Ukraine can stop Putin if we stand by Ukraine and provide it with the weapons it needs to defend itself.” He said.

Addressing US lawmakers and foreign dignitaries at the US Capitol, Biden reiterated that his administration has no plans to send US troops to directly fight Russia.

“[The Ukrianians] They do not ask for American soldiers. “In fact, there are no American soldiers at war in Ukraine and I am determined to keep it that way.” Confirm.

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