Hamas: Occupiers digging up graves of Gaza martyrs and stealing bodies is a heinous crime

Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) Occupiers dig up Palestinian cemeteries Gaza Today, Saturday, the bodies of the martyrs were stolen and transported to an unknown destination.

The movement said that this “heinous crime reflects the brutality of this fascist army” and called on countries, governments and relevant human rights and international institutions to “take up their humanitarian and moral responsibilities and take serious and urgent action to condemn and expose these crimes”. Escalating criminal behavior.”

The Gaza government media office revealed that Israeli occupation forces excavated approximately 1,100 graves in the Al-Tuffah community cemetery in eastern Gaza City, adding that the occupation mechanism “razed these graves to the ground and removed the bodies of martyrs and dead . ”

The office explained in a statement that the occupying forces stole approximately 150 recently buried bodies of martyrs before transporting them to unknown destinations after digging graves and bulldozing the cemetery.

The media office “condemned in the strongest terms this heinous crime, which demonstrates the cruelty of the unethical occupation” and expressed surprise at the “silence” of international organizations.

He pointed out that this crime “has once again raised suspicions about another crime, which is the crime of stealing the organs of martyrs that we mentioned in our previous statement.”

He also noted that the occupying forces had repeated this crime more than once, the last of which was transporting 80 bodies of former martyrs stolen from Gaza and North Gaza Governorate, tampering with them, then dismembering and burying them in transit. Rafa refused to provide any information about them, the statement said.

According to Palestinian officials, the Israeli occupying forces have launched an aggression against the Gaza Strip for 92 days. As of Saturday, 22,722 martyrs and 58,166 people have been injured, most of them children and women. Infrastructure has been massively damaged, causing ” An unprecedented humanitarian disaster.” and UN sources.

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