Hezbollah targets Israeli bases with dozens of missiles (VIDEOS) — RT World News

The armed group claims to have responded to Israeli raids on southern Lebanon

Hezbollah fighters reportedly targeted several Israeli military installations, including an important air control base on Mount Meron, with a barrage of missiles and drones on Saturday, following a series of Israeli airstrikes targeting southern Lebanon earlier in the day.

Dozens of rockets struck Mount Meron, the highest peak in Israeli territory outside the Golan Heights, late Saturday night, according to videos circulating online. However, the IDF claimed that all the missiles were “It will either be intercepted or fall into open areas.” No damage or injuries were reported, according to The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post.

The Lebanese armed group claimed responsibility for the attack, saying in a statement early Sunday “In response to the Israeli enemy's attacks on steadfast southern villages and civilian homes” I was targeted “Meron settlement and surrounding settlements were hit by dozens of Katyusha rockets.”

The paramilitary group said so too “He launched a complex attack with explosive drones and guided missiles on the Al-Manara military headquarters and a gathering of forces from the 51st Battalion of the Golani Brigade.” Earlier on Saturday. The Israeli army said it intercepted the incoming missiles and “Hit the sources of fire” In the Lebanese border area.

On Saturday, Israeli occupation aircraft launched a series of air strikes on the villages of Al-Qazha, Markba and Sarbin in southern Lebanon, claiming that they targeted Hezbollah sites. “Terrorist and military infrastructure.” On Friday, the Israeli army also bombed several buildings in Kafr Kila and Kafr Shuba.

The Israeli raids reportedly killed at least three people, including two Hezbollah fighters whom the government mourned in separate statements on Saturday. Lebanese media reported that 11 other people, including Syrian citizens, were injured in the attacks.

The Shiite armed group has repeatedly bombed its southern neighbor since the outbreak of the military conflict between Israel and Hamas last October. The important Israeli air control base at Mount Meron was also attacked on several occasions. Hezbollah previously described Al-Qaeda as “The only center for management, surveillance and air control in the north of the usurping entity [Israel]”,” Without which Israel would possess “There is no viable alternative.”

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