Humanitarian truce in Gaza… Why is Türkiye absent?

Istanbul- As details of humanitarian truce released Gaza Strip The agreement came into effect on Friday morning thanks to the efforts of Qatar, Egypt and the United States. Some are curious about the nature and details of Turkey’s role in forging the truce.

While Turkish government and ruling party officials stress the importance of Turkey’s role, opponents say there are many reasons why Ankara cannot play an effective role in the current war, while analysts say Western powers reject Turkey’s increased influence in Palestine .

In this context, Hassan Turan, representative of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party, warned not to ignore “Turkey’s leading position on the Palestinian issue, which Turkey has always adhered to.” Muslim’s first pilgrimage There is also a price paid for the inheritance passed down from our ancestors. ”

Turan, who is also the head of the Turkish-Palestinian parliamentary friendship group, said: “Turkish diplomacy, through the President of the Republic, Recep Tayyip ErdoganI have taken a progressive position in Germany and other international forums in defense of Palestine contrary to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and our Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan declared that Israel is a terrorist organization and that there are Palestinian thieves, not Israeli settlers. ”

Turan confirmed in an interview with Al Jazeera that “Turkey has developed new terminology that helps support the Palestinian cause on the international stage.”

Regarding negotiations and truce efforts, he said, “There is no table in the region without Turkey, and a table without Turkey’s weight and reliable position is an incomplete and worn-out table,” adding, “If Turkey It does not exist directly, but exists indirectly through its stance and ideas.”

Turan revealed that a few days before the armistice, many countries contacted Turkey about the exchange of prisoners of war and sent letters to the Turkish president. He continued: “Thereafter, the distinguished President mobilized and directed the competent authorities of our country to discuss the situation. Subsequently, the American, Israeli and Egyptian delegations met in Qatar and reached an agreement on the exchange of prisoners and a four-day ceasefire.

Representative Turan warned that “it is useless to ignore Turkey’s international efforts on the Palestinian issue and move towards a stage where Turkey does not play any role in the Palestinian issue” because “such accusations divert the attention of the world public”. Perspectives on Turkey’s active and leading role in the Palestinian issue. “And distorts Türkiye’s current role.”

Reason for failure

In this context, Sima Serkin An, a member of the Turkish Parliament from the opposition Future Party, said that Turkey “Since October 7 last year, I have made great efforts to achieve a ceasefire, while formulating positions that remind everyone that the roots of the problem can be traced back to the distant past and their interactions,” stressed “In our country, support for the just cause of Palestine is considered a national response and national policy, independent of political parties and practical and temporal details.”

In an interview with Al Jazeera, the Turkish lawmaker pointed out that in recent times, “Israel has achieved results and gained popular acceptance in the region through diplomatic efforts, but ultimately ended in failure and disappointment.” “Turkish media outlets’ focus on tracking Israel and exposing its lies has fueled negative sentiment on the Israeli side toward Turkey and its expected role.”

She explained that one of the reasons she stated was that “Türkiye’s failure in trying to be an active party in the ceasefire process lies in “Turkey’s position on the U.S. presence in the region is the strongest, but Turkey’s intervention — as a member of NATO while holding a position completely opposite to NATO’s direction and membership — would overturn an equation that barely exists and exists.”

The MP said that in addition to the above-mentioned reasons, the fragility of the Turkish economy is one of the most important reasons for this situation, and perhaps the most important reason, and it is expected that “Turkey’s active and main role will be after a permanent ceasefire is reached in Gaza reconstruction”.

dead end

Turkish writer and political analyst Ramadan Bursa confirmed that the answer to the question about Turkey’s role in the humanitarian truce in Gaza accurately describes the fighting. al aqsa floodsHe explained, “This battle is not a war between Gaza and the Israeli occupation regime, which sees control of Gaza as the first step to control of a greater Israel/new Middle East.”

Bursa explained: “The United States, Israel and other Western countries reject Turkey’s increased influence in the Palestinian territories, and Israel and the United States do not want Turkey, with its Ottoman historical roots, to play an effective role in the Palestinian issue by acting as a Palestinian mediator. person or guarantor.”

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Bursa believed that the Turkish Foreign Minister’s proposal of a guarantee project or plan as a new project and system to deal with the Palestinian issue on the first day of the Al-Aqsa floods aroused the concerns of many parties. It was concluded that the project in Turkey was one that he was working on and was seeking to implement as an alternative. About other international projects.

He continued, “The Turkish guarantor’s proposal was discussed in Western media and in diplomatic rooms, and diplomatic sources said there were reservations about Turkey’s proposal, especially in the West.”

The political analyst explained that Turkey’s guarantor idea shows that Turkey has a planned and well-thought-out path on the Palestinian issue, which is unsettling to the West, especially since Turkey defends Hamas and refuses to describe it as terrorism , he concluded by saying that “the real problem is that Turkey is not asked or allowed to do so and thus actively participate in the Palestinian issue.”

On the 7th of this month, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan announced that Turkey has proposed the idea of ​​establishing a system that will serve as a guarantor for all parties in order to bring lasting peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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