“I thought Eminem was chanting my name, but he was cheering me on to jump!” Why Rage Against the Machine protested Limp Bizkit atop a 15-foot statue and began the most one-sided rivalry in nuclear metal history

Everyone wanted a piece of Fred Durst at the height of nu metal. Limp Bizkit member got into a falling out with Slipknot after calling his fans “ugly fat kids”, while also finding time to threaten a band via voicemail for refusing a record deal and posing for photos in Creed. The Red Cap also got into another public brawl, and surprisingly it wasn’t his fault at all, when he found himself in the crosshairs of one of his biggest idols, Rage Against the Machine.

The first shots fired by Rage against Limp Bizkit were heard at the MTV VMAs in 2000. That year, both bands were nominated in the Best Rock Video category, with “Limp Bizkit”. break stuff – Directed by Durst – against the Rage promo for Now sleep in the fire.

Tim Commerford atop a statue at the MTV VMAs in 2000

Guitarist Tim Commerford protests Limp Bizkit’s VMA win by climbing a statue on stage (Photo credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

The Rage clip seemed like a shot at the award. It was directed by Michael Moore, a well-known documentary filmmaker in his industry roger and I, Which was two years away from the release of the Oscar-winning film Bowling in the bathroom. The photo shoot also attracted national attention by filming the Rage as they performed in front of the New York Stock Exchange, which drew hundreds of spectators and forced its doors to close. while, break stuff Limp Bizkit has been featured simply messing with celebrity friends like Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Anger can’t lose – until they do.

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