Interactive map: Here’s what’s happening in Gaza during the truce

Under the mediation of Qatar, the United States and Egypt, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel reached an armistice agreement, the most important of which is a 4-day truce, which can be extended.

The two sides reached an armistice agreement… islamic resistance movement (Hamas) and Israel, through mediation involving the State of Qatar and the participation of the United States and Egypt, have brokered a number of issues, most notably a four-day truce, which can be extended.

According to a report prepared by Walid Attar, the agreement includes a cessation of military operations by both sides and a complete cessation of Israeli aircraft flying in the southern region. Gaza Strip throughout the truce.

As for the northern Gaza Strip, Israeli drone flights will only be suspended for six hours during the truce, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

During the truce, Israelis will be able to move between the northern and southern Gaza Strip via Saladin Street.

The agreement also includes a prisoner and detainee exchange, with Hamas releasing 50 women and children from detainees and Israel releasing 150 Palestinian women and children from its prisons, with this number to be determined in later stages of the agreement Increase.

The agreement provides for humanitarian aid convoys to enter the entire Gaza Strip, including fuel, relief and medical supplies.

The signing date of this agreement, which is welcomed by all countries and organizations around the world, is expected to be announced soon.

Interactive map of Gaza Strip’s most prominent target hospitals and on-site developments

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