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Israel faces a dilemma as South Africa files a case with the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Experts say any ruling against Tel Aviv could have significant ramifications, even for a while.

Despite Israel's unprecedented violations of international law, under the auspices of the United States, Israel faces difficulties over previous South African lawsuits against it… international court of justice In The Hague, experts said any ruling against Tel Aviv could have significant ramifications, including the issuance of arrest warrants for its leaders, even some time later.

The court accepted a lawsuit in Pretoria accusing Israel of committing the following crimes genocide collective action against the residents of the Gaza Strip and calls on them to immediately cease the war and attempts at forced displacement.

Court judge Yves Todi said the upcoming ruling – whatever it is – will have an impact, even if it comes some time later.

Todi said in a report prepared by Al Jazeera's Mohammed Bakali that the special measures were emergency, binding decisions issued by the court, in this case involving South Africa's request to issue a decision to stop fighting.

He added, “The court's decision in favor of or against South Africa's invitation will have a significant impact because the court represents the weight of the law and refusing to enforce it is a very dangerous thing.”

Perhaps that's why there's been such an uproar surrounding the 84-page case, which South Africa says involves Israel's genocide against the residents of the Gaza Strip.

While states do not have the right to appeal decisions made by the ICJ, the latter does not have the tools to enforce those decisions.

Great impact

However, the refusal to implement these decisions – which has happened before – affects the image of the country that refuses to implement them, perhaps explaining the concerns of Israel and its allies about the outcome of this call.

In recent years, the court issued two rulings in similar contexts ordering Russia and Myanmar to halt military operations.

Furthermore, the ICJ's ruling against Israel (which dealt with the issue of state secession and did not issue an arrest warrant) could also be used to convict Tel Aviv in previous cases against Israel. international criminal court Concerned with individual separation.

French lawyer Gilles said the court's ruling could be a reason to issue an arrest warrant for the Israeli leader, as international lawyers gather evidence to submit to the ICC and have high hopes for the outcome of the South African case. Duffer.

Duffer, who is working with an international team of lawyers to collect evidence that will be presented to ICC prosecutors, said they hoped the court's ruling would help them, adding that “[international criminal]prosecutors are overwhelmed by Western concerns about Israel.” support, he may feel isolated and may find himself supported if the court issues a conviction.

Human rights defenders therefore have high hopes for South Africa's proceedings, hoping that the tree of justice will once again bear fruit.

Reporting: Mohammad Bakali

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