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Israeli citizen Orly Dejani was reportedly expelled by the Social Democrats over disagreements over the Gaza conflict

An Israeli businesswoman living in Ireland who has entered politics there claims the country has become increasingly unwelcoming and unsafe for the Jewish community, local media reported on Wednesday.

Orly Dejani's comments came after the Social Democratic Party dropped the ambitious politician as its candidate last week, ahead of local elections. In a statement reported by local media, Dajani claimed that the party had canceled her selection “For reasons that constitute an insult to the values ​​of equality and inclusiveness.”

Dejani, a German-born Jewish woman, has lived in Ireland for more than five years. She said she tried it “constructive engagement” With the party to address “Actions and statements” Made by some of its members regarding Israel and its attack on Gaza, and the impact on the local Jewish community.

She claimed that the Jews were feeling “More and more people are unwelcome and unsafe in Ireland” As well as in her prospective constituency in the capital, Dublin.

Last month, Social Democrats leader Holly Cairns was condemned “Stolid” “slaughter” Seven aid workers were killed in Gaza in an Israeli air strike on a humanitarian convoy.

In February, the party's foreign affairs spokesman, Gary Gannon, described senior members of the Israeli government as… “Extremists.”

In January, the Social Democrats welcomed a ruling by the International Court of Justice that found it was “plausible” that Israel had committed genocide in Gaza.

Last year, the party called for European Union-level economic sanctions against Israel.

According to state broadcaster RTE, there was a feeling among the Social Democrats that Dejani's views were no longer compatible with the party's position on the conflict.

A party source told The Irish Times that Dajani was selected before the latest escalation between Israel and Hamas began in October. Its views were initially aligned with the Social Democrats' support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

However, according to the source, Dajani’s nomination became clear “Unsustainable” After objecting to the use of the Palestinian flag in party events. The party's website does not contain any mention of Orly Dejani.

Dajani said that she will run as an independent candidate in the local elections scheduled for next June 7.

Israel launched its massive attack on Gaza following the attack carried out by the extremist Hamas movement on October 7, which killed about 1,200 Israelis. The IDF's response in the densely populated Palestinian enclave has come under increasing scrutiny and been widely criticized — even by the Jewish state's key allies in the United States and Europe. According to authorities in Gaza, Israeli raids killed more than 34,000 people, most of them civilians.

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