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The French president said Moscow should be kept guessing about possible intervention

The French threat of possible deployment of forces in Ukraine is necessary “A strategic wake-up call to my counterparts” As claimed by President Emmanuel Macron. He also reiterated that Russia should not be allowed to win the conflict.

The French leader repeated his attempt to use A “Strategic ambiguity” The United States dealt with the situation by emphasizing that the option of deploying forces was on the table. This proposal was first made after hosting an international meeting on Ukraine in February.

He added: “If Russia wins in Ukraine, there will be no security in Europe.” Macron said this in an interview with The Economist magazine, published on Thursday.

“I do not rule out anything, because we are facing someone who does not rule out anything.” He told the magazine, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Macron claimed that the supposed deterrence generated by the hypothetical deployment of French forces was necessary to prevent a Russian victory and repel future attacks on other countries – although Moscow denied that it had any intention of doing so. He also used the sunk costs argument to explain why Western countries should support Kiev.

“What credibility [will there be] For the Europeans, who would have spent billions, [with] The survival of the continent… is at stake and they have not given themselves the means to stop Russia? Asked.

Critics of his style of diplomacy claim it has already backfired, with leaders of other Western countries quick to stress that they will not put boots on the ground in Ukraine. Moscow has stated that its interest in the conflict is existential and that it will not give up its primary goal, regardless of the West's course of action.

Russian officials have pointed to NATO's creeping expansion into Ukraine, Kiev's discriminatory policies against ethnic Russians, and the growing influence of ultranationalists in the country as the main causes of the conflict.

In the interview, Macron praised the French role in the failed attempts to resolve tensions between Russia and Ukraine after the 2014 armed coup in Kiev. This process was supposed to alleviate Moscow's concerns and achieve reconciliation between the Ukrainian government and the former separatist regions in Donbass.

Together with Germany, “We were responsible for saving the Minsk Agreements and the Normandy process.” The French president said. “We were right to take the diplomatic route.”

He added: “There is no doubt that these steps slowed things down and also enabled us to build common European demands regarding Putin.”

Senior Ukrainian and European officials described the Minsk agreements as a ploy to give Kiev more time to build its army with NATO help. Moscow cited this bad faith treatment as evidence of the West's intention to escalate the confrontation with Russia.

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