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The Gaza resistance and the Zionist occupation reached a temporary truce lasting several days, mediated by international mediators including Qatar, Egypt and the United States. Details regarding relief and life assistance were mentioned.

Such agreements or truces are debated between supporters and opponents, between those who see it as a victory for the resistance and those who try to reduce the value of this victory and wish to religiousize and legalize this view . , comparisons are made in terms of direct or limited apparent benefits. The level of devastation and devastation is on a human and quarantine level compared to what happened in a month and a half.

Some psychologically frustrated or shaken members of the media – who in the past period and before the armistice began had no job or job other than whipping resistance – are trying to prepare people to feel that this is a threat to the opposition coming Call it an indescribable failure. Resist.

Jurists and scholars have discussed the issue of truce and the position of Islamic law on it, whether it is a short-term truce or a long-term truce, even with the occupier of the land, as long as it is not a permanent truce, recognizing him as the owner of the occupied land or holy place By. The Holy Quran and the pure biography of the Prophet are presented to us. An example of reaching a truce with an enemy.

We’ve seen signs of the resistance’s victory as a result of this truce, with prisoners being released from prisons who had no hope of getting out unless this truce and prisoner swaps took place, and we’ve seen Palestinian celebrations. After the prisoners leave.

The Quran calls armistice a victory

When the Holy Qur’an talks about the truce established by the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – with the pagans of Quraysh, he calls it: Al-Fath, Allah Almighty says: (Verily, We have granted you manifest victory), God called the chapter: Surat Al-Fath; although she was talking about the Treaty of Al-Hudaibia, a temporary truce between the Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) and the polytheists.

Some of the companions did not understand the meaning of truce as victory, and they were surprised when this noble verse was revealed: (Indeed, we have given you a clear conquest.) Omar bin Khattab was One of the people who asked this question. The Book of the Sunnah narrates what was mentioned by the Companions of the Holy Companions, who said: We witnessed Hudaibia with the Messenger of Allah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – and when we left, people were Drying camels, and some people were drying camels. People say to each other: What can we do for the people? They said: “This was revealed to the Messenger of Allah. He said: “So we went out for a walk with the people until we found the Messenger of Allah – may the prayers and peace of Allah be upon him – standing at Qala al-Ghamim . He wanted to gather those around him, and he recited to them: (Indeed, We have given you clear victory) Al-Fath: 1, and one of his companions said: O Messenger of God, I Should it be turned on? He said: “My soul is in my hands, this is Fatah.”

Imam Ibn Qayyim summed up how this truce was victorious by saying: (Glory be to him for wisely stating what they hated in the year of Hudaibiyah, that is, the polytheists repelled They, until they return and do not perform Umrah, He made it clear to them that what they want will happen after this, so it happens in the coming year, God Almighty says: (So He knows what you do not know, except Besides this, he soon created conquests), and it was the treaty of Al-Hudaybiyyah, which he said was the first conquest: (Indeed, We have opened a clear conquest for you).

Because of him, religious and world interests, victories, the emergence of Islam, the abolition of doubt, were obtained, which they had not hoped for before. Muhammad and his companions were known privately and publicly as the guardians of truth and guidance, and their enemies had nothing but aggression and stubbornness.

Some signs of victory in Gaza truce

From the ceasefire between the Gaza resistance and its enemies we can see some signs of imminent victory, but we are not talking about complete or final victory. It’s a long-awaited hope, but it’s too early to confirm or speculate. , even as some signs of it are already appearing, and several signs of it are already on the horizon:

An armistice is an opportunity for us to breathe, to regroup, to allow souls and peoples to recover from past war crimes and the difficulties to come. However, it gives those who have the power the freedom to prepare, organize documents, sharpen their resolve and act. Heal the physical and spiritual wounds of the people of Gaza.

We’ve seen signs that this truce marks a victory for the resistance, with prisoners being released from prisons who had no hope of getting out unless there was a truce and a prisoner exchange, and we’ve also seen Palestinian celebrations. Although the occupying forces tried to prevent this from happening, we do not find joy in the media of this entity about the return of prisoners. There were no celebrations, no public appearances by the media, and no public interviews. The group photo between the two teams carried the truest and strongest sense of victory and determination.

The connotation carried by the photos of prisoners returning to the occupied territories was that of a moral victory for the Resistance, and even a practical and public response to all the lies spread against the Resistance by both the physical media and the biased, deliberately false Western media. Such as accusations of killing children and raping women. Let’s take a look at the stored photos of children. There is a smile that cannot lie on the face of the resisting man, and what is expressed by the female prisoner, which is a sign of farewell, is not in its connotation, and other important connotations in these and other scenes are not hidden and need to be discussed separately.

Duty of care

As for the need to be cautious about this truce, we must be careful about the enemy the Palestinians face, because this is an enemy without creativity. Everyone has noticed that he announced in the truce that he will resume demolition, killing, and destruction. Maybe it’s the look of a broken man, but it’s the look of an enemy waging war, none of which is human or ethical, and what he’s doing is not foreign to him and he won’t stop doing it.

Not only do resistance groups need to be cautious, but so do the masses. Truce is the rest of the warrior, not the indifference that follows idleness, but the diligent activity that follows. If the resistance organizations have tried their best and done what they have to do, if they are capable, then the masses still have a long way to go, both at the level of public and media communication, and in the field of resistance, and in every field where you work.

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