Israeli occupation prevents ambulances from transporting injured Palestinians in Jenin news

The Israeli occupation prevented an ambulance convoy from reaching a disabled Palestinian young man who was targeted by occupying forces at the entrance to a refugee camp. embryo In the northern West Bank, the city’s Government Hospital of Martyr Khalil Suleiman was unable to admit a single injured person when it was surrounded and medical teams were told not to admit any injured.

The occupying forces attacked Jenin with about 100 patrols, surrounding Razi and Ibn Sina hospitals to prevent the wounded from reaching the hospitals and closing all roads leading to Jenin’s three hospitals.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent in the city reported that armed clashes broke out between Israeli occupying forces and Palestinian resistance fighters in the city, adding that occupying forces attacked Jenin and surrounded some houses and drones were flown over the city .

Witnesses said the occupying forces raided the homes of some Palestinian resistance fighters and interrogated their families, demanding the fighters surrender.

After attacking the city of Jenin, the Israeli occupation forces declared the city a military restricted area and engaged in armed confrontations with Palestinian resistance fighters near Jenin and its camps.

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