Israa Jaabis tells Al Jazeera: We are being tortured and beaten in Occupy prisons news

Freed Palestinian prisoner says Isra Jabis In an interview with Al Jazeera back home in Jerusalem after her release, she and other female prisoners were abused and beaten in occupied prisons.

“Young Palestinian girls suffer unspeakable treatment in occupied prisons,” she added, calling for action to free all Palestinian prisoners.

Isra was released late Saturday night along with 39 captured Palestinian women and children as part of the second batch of prisoner exchanges between Israel and the Islamic Resistance (agitation), and the Gaza Strip truce period is 4 days and can be extended.

“We feel ashamed when all of Palestine is hurt,” Isra told Al Jazeera’s Najwan Samri of his feelings after his release.

As for Isra’s father, he told Al Jazeera, “My daughter is not more important than the people of Gaza.”

Isra, one of the 10 oldest female prisoners in the occupation prison, has served eight years of an 11-year sentence for attempting to kill an Israeli soldier.

On October 11, 2015, while returning to Jerusalem from the city of Jericho, her car broke down near the Zaim checkpoint and occupying forces opened fire on the car, causing the gas cylinder to explode. Details of the incident reported by her family , there was a fire going on at that time.

As a result, Isla suffered first to third degree burns, 50% to 60% of his body was burned, all the fingers on his hands were missing, and his face was disfigured.

The occupation authorities prevented her from receiving the treatment she needed and deliberately ignored her, even though she required eight surgeries.

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