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Palestinians welcomed the second batch of prisoners freed as part of a prisoner exchange deal between Israel and the Islamic resistance movement with massive public celebrations.agitation), including the 6 oldest female prisoners and 33 children.

The released prisoners arrived in several batches in the cities of Bereh and Betunya bank of the west They were also taken to occupied Jerusalem on Saturday night and at dawn on Sunday, where they were hung around their necks amid chants honoring the people of Gaza and the Palestinian resistance, despite attempts by the occupying forces to prevent any celebrations. Palestinian flag. .

As the release of Palestinian prisoners continues, testimonies are emerging about the occupier’s practices inside the prisons and the escalating oppression and abuse since the Palestinian resistance launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7 last year.

Testimony of the oldest female prisoner

Maysoon Al-Jabali, the oldest prisoner in the occupied prison, told Al Jazeera after her release that guards treated them harshly, with some female prisoners beaten and many of them sick.

Similarly, freed prisoner Israa Jaabis said Palestinian girls suffered “indescribable” treatment in occupation prisons.

Released prisoner Shorouk Dwayyat also said that female prisoners have recently witnessed difficult phases of “depression, hunger, thirst and overcrowding” inside the prison.

She added that although she left the prison, she was concerned about the female prisoners there due to the harsh repression, noting that she had seen female prisoners under the age of 18 in prison, with the youngest among them being 12 years old.

child prisoner

As for the released prisoner Omar Shweiki, he told Al Jazeera that they had not had time to exercise inside the prison for 50 days.

Omar said there were many children between the ages of 13 and 15 in occupation prisons, noting that he was 15 when occupation authorities arrested him.

“Perfect Crime”

Kadullah Fares, director of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Affairs Authority, told Al Jazeera that what has happened in occupied prisons since October 7 last year is not just abuse, but abuse. On the contrary, it is outright criminal.

Before releasing the second group of prisoners, occupying forces suppressed media and medical personnel at the gates of Ofer prison and on the outskirts from the Palestinian side.

They attacked some journalists and used tear gas and rubber bullets to force them to leave as they gathered at the prison gate south of the city of Betounha to greet a bus of prisoners.

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