Israel receives 236,000 arms requests after Al-Aqsa floods

Settlers’ requests for permits to buy weapons in Israel surge after operation al aqsa floods Their sense of security continues to decline as the right-wing government grants them the facility to bear arms.

According to the right-wing national security minister, more than 236,000 Israelis have applied for permits to carry weapons since October 7, equivalent to the number recorded in the past 20 years. itama ben gvir.

Ben Gvir expanded the categories of people entitled to apply for a license to carry weapons and expedited the process of obtaining one. Instead of face-to-face interviews to answer the authorities’ questions, applicants conducted telephone interviews.

The Israeli government has relaxed rules on acquiring weapons, and some settlers are increasingly flocking to weapons shops and building rocket shelters.

Israelis walk the streets with weapons on their shoulders or on their belts, in cafes and shops, and even push strollers.

These include reservists, but also civilians from volunteer security squadrons that have been armed by the government since the start of Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip.

JERUSALEM - NOVEMBER 17: People walk casually through the streets with long-barreled weapons after the Israeli government encouraged civilians to arm themselves in West Jerusalem on November 17, 2023. According to reports, the number of applications for firearms licenses in Israel has exceeded 190,000 since October 7.  (Photo: Vincenzo Circosta/Anadolu via Getty Images)
Israelis move around with weapons (Anatolia)

Ben Gvir began forming hundreds of civilian security groups and purchased 10,000 rifles for distribution to individuals after October 7 last year.

The Israeli economic newspaper Calcalist previously reported that 98% of Israel’s weapons are imported, indicating that Israeli-made weapons account for only a small part of the arms market.

It is worth noting that under Ben Gvir’s directive, the new categories allowed to obtain weapons licenses include those serving in combat units of the Israeli army and were previously not eligible for weapons licenses.

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