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The prime minister said that unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state would be “an unprecedented reward for terrorism.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu categorically rejected this “unilateral recognition” For the Palestinian state, under the pretext that it will be “A massive and unprecedented bounty for terrorism” This would prevent any prospects for long-term peace in the future.

Speaking to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem on Sunday, Netanyahu called for war in Gaza “The battle of civilization against barbarism” He repeated his goal “Total victory.”

“This is the battle that is important for Israel’s future and our survival, but it is also crucial for the future of civilization.” The Prime Minister added that eliminating Hamas, freeing the hostages, and preventing Gaza from ever happening “pose a threat” For Israel, the main goals remain.

Netanyahu went on to denounce “Damend Israel's reputation” Under the pretext that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). “Going to an extent that no other army has done to prevent civilian casualties.” Summoning the genocide case brought by South Africa to the International Court of Justice A “fun.”

While Netanyahu agreed that the civilian population in Gaza must be kept out of harm's way, he reaffirmed his determination to completely eliminate Hamas, and pledged to “Complete the job” like “America has completed its mission” In reference to the fighting with the Islamic State (ISIS, formerly ISIS).

But he added that there is “one thing” Which “Israel cannot agree to” – The two-state solution, which the international community has been calling for since the outbreak of war.

“Israel categorically rejects international dictates regarding the permanent settlement with the Palestinians.” Netanyahu said, citing a decision he presented to the government on Sunday. He added that Israel will continue to oppose unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. Adding that this would be a bonus “Terrorism will prevent any future peace agreements.”

Since the start of the war between Hamas and Israel, which broke out following the Palestinian militants' incursion into Israel on October 7, nearly 29,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, according to the Strip's Health Ministry. More than 85% of Gaza's population has been displaced from their homes, and about 1.4 million people currently live in the city of Rafah, the target of a planned ground offensive that Israel insists is necessary.

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