Israeli writer Mikko Peled: Israel is a terrorist state and will not defeat Palestinian culture

Israeli activist and author Miko Peled says Israel cannot defeat the Palestinians, regardless of their… Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) Or any other faction.

Peled added: “I was born in Jerusalem in 1961 and come from a well-known Zionist family. My father is probably the most famous person in the family because he was a general and my grandfather was a One of the signatories of the Pact of Patriotism. The founder of the State of Israel (he did not mention his name). I have been very patriotic since I was a child, a staunch supporter of my country, my country, and of course Zionism .”

He pointed out that he was deeply influenced by his father’s ideas in his early years and served for a period in the Israeli army, but later regretted it and retired.

He continued: “When my father was still in uniform 1967 Six-Day War“Look, we are not looking for opportunities now because we are strong. We are here forever and our existence is no longer in danger. We must allow the Palestinians to have their own little state in a small part of Palestine,” he said.

In 1967, the Israeli army defeated the Arab armies and occupied the West Bank, including East Jerusalem (under Jordanian control), the Gaza Strip (under Egyptian control), the Sinai Peninsula and the Syrian Golan Heights.

Peled added: “No one thinks so. As soon as the war ended, they started building big cities in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. They eliminated any viable option for a Palestinian state.”

He explained that in the basic philosophy of Zionism, there is no place called Palestine, saying, “According to Zionism, this is the land of Israel, and this land belongs to all Jews in the world, not those who live here of Palestinians.”

He added, “If you have a racist ideology, that is, if you believe that one group has more rights than another, then you need to use violence. You have to have an apartheid system for that to happen This ideology. This is the state of Israel.”

Purify and destroy

Peled noted that the Israeli-Palestinian war began 75 years ago, not today, and said, “The Zionists as a movement and then the state of Israel that emerged from that movement declared war on the Palestinian people. We see racial discrimination In this war of cleansing and genocide, we saw a regime.” apartheid“.

He described Israel as a “terrorist state” and drew attention to years of oppression suffered by Palestinians, saying “Palestinians face the threat of terrorism every day.”

For example, he said, “When you[as a Palestinian]walk down the street, you don’t know if you’re going to be beaten, stabbed, or killed, or if your children are going to be safe going to school, or if they’re going to be killed. Killing.” Whether your house is going to be destroyed, or whether your kids are safe going to school, or whether your house is going to be destroyed. “Would your brother be in danger or kidnapped by the Israeli military or intelligence services. “

He continued, “When I started my journey, I realized that what I thought was my country was actually someone else’s country. I was living in a settlement that was a superficial, artificial reality, not the real one. Israel It was built on lies based on apartheid.”

The activist described Israel’s devastating war in the Gaza Strip since October 7 last year as “extremely aggressive”.

He added, “Palestinians who had nothing to do with this incident (Hamas’ October 7 attack on settlements around Gaza) are paying a heavy price. Israel was insulted and is now retaliating and venting its anger on innocent people and civilians.” He had no connection with the attack. “

Peled pointed out that Western media deliberately condemned Hamas in every publication related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

He added, “It is absurd to condemn people who have been oppressed for so long. Resistance is expected. If we want to eliminate resistance, we must eliminate oppression. Resistance is always a reaction to oppression. Palestinians have lived for more than 75 years Yes.” Years of oppression. Their response to the violence was unjust. ” Most were armed.

Peled explained that the effort to condemn Hamas was not intended to draw attention to civilian casualties in Gaza.

He continued: “If there is anything to condemn, it is the apartheid regime, the violence and brutality that Palestinians are subjected to every day, the arrests and killings of thousands in the West Bank, and the racism practiced by Israel against them.”

A war against justice

He noted that it was unclear how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would play out, adding, “It’s clear, without a doubt, that they (Israelis) will not be able to defeat the Palestinians, whether it’s Hamas or whatever. It’s not It doesn’t matter.” Whichever movement the Palestinians belong to, they will not be defeated. “

He continued, “Israel represents everything bad. Calls to support Israel will lead to more death, destruction and racism, which means more innocent lives taken. This is a fight against peace and A just war.”

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