“Smart Ghazi”…This is the policy of Turkish intelligence agencies to rescue Iron Dome hackers

Turkish media, led by Sabah newspaper, which has close ties to the Turkish government, spoke on November 22 of the Turkish intelligence agency MIT’s role in preventing the Israeli Mossad from trying to kidnap and maim a Palestinian software engineer responsible for infiltration. play an important role. Iron Dome. 2022, from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

The incident came to light in October 2022, when Israeli Mossad agents kidnapped Palestinian software engineer Omar Al-Balbisi in Kuala Lumpur with the intention of transporting him to Tel Aviv for investigation. The ministry is in the process of announcing (Hamas) that the movement has a “network” of units secretly opposing the Israeli occupation.

According to “Shabah” citing intelligence sources, “Al-Birbisi” successfully penetrated the operating system of Israel’s Iron Dome between 2015 and 2016 and allowed Palestinian resistance missiles to reach their targets without obvious opposition.

Turkish intelligence sources withheld the Palestinian engineer’s full name and restricted references to him by just “Omar.” The New Straits Times published details of the kidnapping in a report published on October 17, 2022.

The report, based on Turkish intelligence sources, completes the scenario and explains the beginning of the story of the Israeli Mossad with engineer Al-Bilbisi, after Malaysian sources announced with satisfaction the release of the kidnappers and the arrest of the gang. At that time.

Omar Al-Bilbisi graduated in Computer Science from the Islamic University in Gaza and worked as an employee in the Technical Department of the Palestinian Interior Ministry in Gaza. He was able to develop a program for the ministry that helped hack Android devices easily at the age of 24. Three years after the incident, Israeli intelligence revealed the identity of Al-Bilbisi, the man behind the hacking that took down the Iron Dome system.

According to Turkish sources, Mossad tried to recruit Al-Birbis many times. In 2019, a person named “Annabelle” contacted Al-Birbis, claiming to work at a programming company in Norway and asked him to Design a software project for the company. After some time, two people named “Gauser” and “Gauser Jales” contacted him under the pretense of being from the same Norwegian company, offering him a job opportunity entirely in Norway, when he asked them to communicate via WhatsApp During the video call, they avoided him and sent him a “Schengen” visa to prove their seriousness, but Al-Bilbisi rejected their offer.

Mossad agents involved in seducing Berbisi: Youssef Dahman (top right), Raed Ghazal (bottom right), Fouad Osama Hegazy (top right) and Nikola Radonezh (Turkey Sabah Newspaper)
Mossad agents: Fouad Osama Hijazi (top right), Raed Ghazal (bottom right), Youssef Dahman (top left) and Nikola Radonezh (Turkey Sabah newspaper)

Observations and first meeting

Sabah newspapers reported that engineer Al-Bilbisi decided to move to Istanbul in March 2020 for work, and the Israeli Mossad considered it a golden opportunity to offer him attractive job opportunities and high financial returns.

The first friction between Al-Bilbisi and the Mossad occurred after he left Gaza in April 2021, when a Mossad agent named Raed Ghazal contacted him via WhatsApp, claiming that he was a member of a company called Resource Manager of Think Hire’s French company and introduced him to job opportunities.

In June and August 2021, Ghazal was able to meet face-to-face with Omar Birbisi in Istanbul, specifically in the Beylikduzu, Bayrampasa and Fatih districts, and subsequently with a second Mossad agent, Omar Shalabi ) start to connect with him.

Chalabi approached Al-Berbisi and offered him $10,000 to create a programming program for another French company. He quickly programmed it and delivered it to a French company, which in turn sent the money in three installments through a Mossad official who used a fake Turkish intelligence service to check Data from Bill Bassey’s bank account as a “Kuwaiti Turk” later confirmed the name, John Foster.

Chalabi had been asking Berbesi if there were any obstacles if he wanted to travel out of Turkey, then he withdrew and in June 2022 handed the task to a Montenegrin passport holder named Nikolai Radonei. Nikola Radonej, 44).

Job opportunities and intellectual concerns

According to Turkish newspaper reports, Radonezh met engineer Al-Bilbisi at the Karakoy Hotel between August 28 and 31, 2022, under the pretext of a new job opportunity, with a monthly salary of If Al-Bilbisi worked in Turkey, The salary is $5,200, or $20,000 if he agrees to work at the company’s Brazilian headquarters.

Radonezh told the Palestinian engineers that they would participate in the project via the Internet with other colleagues (who later turned out to be Israeli Mossad officials), namely: Abdel-Bar Mohammed Kaya, Fouad O Sama Hijazi and Youssef Dahman, he asked him to choose one of them to collaborate with him on an ongoing basis.

Turkish intelligence, aware of the possibility of the Palestinian engineer being kidnapped, prevented him from traveling for the first time, fearing for his life. However, after 15 days on leave, Turkish intelligence notified the Istanbul government of her concerns about threats to Al-Bilbisi’s life because she insisted on traveling to Malaysia, which has no diplomatic relations with Israel.

According to the newspaper, Turkish intelligence issued all necessary warnings before Berbesi left Turkey and installed a tracking app on his phone to directly obtain his location in Malaysia, even if his phone was turned off. .

Malaysia arrests Mossad agent involved in kidnapping engineer Al-Bilbisi in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysian media)

in the hands of Mossad

When the Palestinian engineer arrived at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, on September 28, 2022, a Mossad team waiting for him abducted him and interrogated him in a hut 50 kilometers away from the capital. The 36-hour torture and interrogation took place via video conference with Tel Aviv police.

Mossad agents’ questions to Belisi centered on how he penetrated the Iron Dome and obscured the missile’s view for a period of time, and they also tried to figure out how to undo a hack of Israeli soldiers’ phones carried out by Palestinian engineers. and officials earlier.

In addition, Mossad also asked about computer engineers, software engineers and other programmers from Istanbul involved in electronic warfare.

Sabah newspapers stated that after Turkish intelligence verified the whereabouts of engineer Al-Bilbisi, they immediately sent the location coordinates to the Malaysian authorities, who then dispatched special forces to carry out the operation and eventually released Al-Bilbisi unharmed. A court in the capital Kuala Lumpur ordered the arrest of 11 kidnappers.

In recent weeks, Turkish intelligence has also arrested Mossad agent Osama Hijazi and transferred Palestinian engineer Al-Bilbisi to Turkey and placed him under security protection, according to the same source.

Abdul Rahman Simsek, director of the news department of Turkey’s Sabah newspaper, said that this operation is considered one of the most significant and important operations in the history of Turkish intelligence.

The incident was also covered brilliantly by Turkish media, with the name of Palestinian engineer Omar Birbisi known as “Shrewd Ghazi” in Turkish media circles.

Sabah newspaper pointed out that this is not the first time Mossad has tried to target Palestinian activists and experts in Malaysia. In 2018, Palestinian electrical engineer Fadi Al-Batsh (Fadi Al-Batsh), who worked for Mossad, was arrested. Two motorcyclists killed.

In the same context, Al Jazeera contacted a leader of the Hamas movement in Istanbul, who declined to comment on the incident, only thanking Turkey for its ongoing efforts to support the Palestinian cause and Palestinians on Turkish soil.

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