Campaign to resign by English Football Association members linking Hitler to Netanyahu


Wasim Haq resigned from the British Football Association’s board of directors on Thursday, days after being sacked from the British Football Association’s board for tweets linking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to former Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler.

Earlier, Haq, who in addition to golf held various administrative positions in tennis and football federations, wrote on his personal account on the X platform that “Netanyahu sacrificed him to maintain power.” The people… Adolf Hitler would be proud of Netanyahu.”

Immediately after the tweet was posted, attacks were directed at Haq, who was forced to delete the tweet and later apologize for the post, but this did not stop the attacks on him, resulting in him being suspended and referred for investigation The Football Association reported him, and he was expelled from the Tennis Association ten days ago.

In a bid to appease the “Jewish lobby” that led to the dismissal and resignation, Haque revealed his resignation today (Thursday) in a tweet on the “X” platform, in which he said: “I resigned from the English Football Association this morning “…I apologize again to the Jewish community.” “

Harker has been the representative of black, Asian and minority ethnic groups on the FA board since 2019.

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